To the local bands & musicians in this area…

There’s a lot of local bands & solo artists ranting about that Reader’s Poll thing in facebook today, with that well known newspaper that should be nameless, but you’ll figure it out. Many are accusing the newspaper of the Reader’s Poll votes being rigged and fake, all that stuff, blah blah blah, but you know what, that’s the good example of the kind of attitude that you shouldn’t have in the music scene.

Remember what I said, about not worry about these silly award things? In my few previous posts, I had a good attitude of being snubbed from the “Reader’s Poll”. I don’t understand why the “Reader’s Poll” thing means so much to musicians around here, when it shouldn’t mean a thing. It’s not like you’re being handed over a gold medal or a golden statue or anything, sheesh.

I understand musicians want to be recognized for their talent and hard work, but you don’t need your name printed in a newspaper to be recognized for that. You’ll be recognized for your talent when people are supporting your music. That’s it.

Don’t worry about these yearly Reader’s Poll, when you should keep doing your thing. Making the music and keeping your fans happy. That’s all that should matter.  Like I said before, the winners in the “Reader’s Poll” are pretty much the same people, every year with nothing new. I know I’m not the only musician struggling trying to get recognition, there are too many out there.

Just keep working on your music. That’s more important than these silly awards.


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