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Will years of loud music destroy your hearing? Truth be told, yes, it will…

Well, Dave Grohl is the latest rock musician to admit that he has hearing loss. He has had it for a long while but Dave isn’t the only rock musician that lost their hearing… Brian Johnson of AC/DC is just recently suffering from it ’cause that’s why he left that band for a while to begin with.

There are other rock musicians who are hearing impaired such as Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Pete Townsend, Huey Lewis, Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, Brian Wilson, Liam Gallagher, Bob Dylan… the list can keep going. Really, many of the big rock legends suffered hearing loss over the years.

Why? Maybe some of them were born with bad hearing but most rock musicians lost their hearing due to loud music over the years. Ya know, they spent their whole life playing loud music, thousands of hours of playing in the studio and playing on the stage night after night.

I myself am hearing impaired, I’m deaf on the left ear and have partial hearing loss on the right but I still have an okay ear with music. I was born with hearing loss, music didn’t do it to me, though.

Being a musician may sound fun and addictive but is it healthy for your ears being around music all the time? Not really.

I understand rock musicians need to play loud ’cause that’s how rock is supposed to be played but I think the industry needs to find a way for musicians to protect their ears more. I’m sure the industry comes up with gadgets that protect their ears and I’m sure they aren’t cheap to get either. As a musician, do you really need to be around loud music all the time? Truth is, you don’t really need to.

It seems that hearing loss with musicians and artists is getting worse and worse. That’s what happens with dealing with life in the studio and on the road touring heavily, ya know? Loud noise can wreck your ears that easily.