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Cool Video: Wayne’s World returns to SNL!!!

Whenever Dana Carvey hosts an episode of SNL, you always get this feeling that Mike Myers and Carvey would get together to do a new Wayne’s World segment. Yes, they did exactly that! Wayne and Garth made a surprising appearance on last night’s SNL episode. They make their Oscar predictions.

See the hilarious video, here.

They still got it! After their long hiatus, they still have the popularity and people still love them! Would Mike Myers and Dana Carvey do a “Wayne’s World 3” for the big screen, please???? 🙂


Cool Video: The return of Wayne and Garth on the MTV Movie Awards!!!!

I didn’t watch the MTV movie awards but I heard that Mike Myers brought back Wayne and Garth. They are still funny and it looks like Mike Myers and Dana Carvey still can play the characters very well, and they are still pretty popular. Come on Mike! Start writing the script for “Waynes World 3”! I think “Waynes World” deserves one more movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!