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Chevy Chase’s response to people who thinks he’s a jerk is just golden… thank you Chevy!

Over the years, it was said by colleagues that Chevy Chase was a difficult guy to work with on TV shows and movies. He was called a jerk and a terrible person by other actors and film crew people that he worked with over the years.

Well Chevy, the man himself finally responds to his haters in a CBS Sunday Morning interview he did. It’s a good segment showcasing his career over the years too.

Chevy’s response to people that don’t like him? His simple answer was, “I don’t give a crap, I am who I am.”

Yeah, such a great response. The last thing you want to do is care what people think of you, ya know? If people don’t like you and if people think you’re a jerk, who cares. Just let negativity slide right by and keep being yourself. Keep on keepin’ on.

Yeah, I have haters too… I’ve had people over the years call me a “jerk” as well… I’m aware of that and that’s fine. I’ve been called a big bad internet troll and been called much nastier names. Over the years, people always saw me as the big bad Brock who was always mean and talked offensive stuff. I still get that even now believe it or not. It’s just funny, ya know? I used to defend myself of all the negativity I get but I’ve gotten way better at not giving a fuck what people think of me and that’s the right attitude to have. People don’t like you? Who cares. Give them the middle finger.

In reality, I think Chevy Chase is a good guy and he is probably a “friendly” guy, he’s just gonna get jealous haters the more success he gets and stuff, ya know? He may get a lot of people saying that he’s a “jerk” but that doesn’t mean it’s true either.

What’s wrong with “being yourself”? You can’t be yourself anymore. In this day and age, it’s almost a crime. You gotta be who other people want you to be and when you refuse to do that and not bow down to others, you’re all of a sudden the biggest jerk on the planet. I feel Chevy on this one.

I’m sure a lot of people are still shitting on Chevy after this CBS interview too.

Chevy’s a legend and a comic genius, of course people are gonna hate him for that reason.


Report: Chevy Chase caught bashing his own TV show that he stars in through voicemail…

I haven’t been following the Chevy Chase vs. Dan Harmon feud that’s been going on for a while lately, but I think I am going to follow it after this story that just been reported. Chevy left a voicemail to the, “Community” creator, Dan Harmon, saying that the show is mediocre and bashes the show some more after that. Chevy says he knows comedy more than anybody and he has been doing it for years.

More on the story, here.

I watched “Community” for a little while and he has a point. The show is not that great, and not funny. Why would Chevy still star in it even if he didn’t like it? I would say he’s in it for the money alone for sure, but I also would like to say that he accepted the job just to keep acting. Nobody knows who Chevy Chase is anymore ’cause it would be hard for him to stay in Hollywood films.

If you knew Chevy Chase’s career as I do, he is also right on the money that he has been doing comedy for years, longer than anyone out there. He got his start in SNL, then he moved on to Hollywood films. Everything from “Caddyshack”, “National Lampoon’s”, “Funny Farm”, “Spies Like Us”, etc. The list goes on. The guy is a comic genius. I love his movies and always respected Chevy.

Clark Griswold was one of his best characters he ever played, of course.

I’ll be following this feud ’cause this feud seems like another version of Charlie Sheen vs. Chuck Lore. What is it with big TV stars feuding with TV creators? Ego and jealousy for sure.


Report: “Horrible Bosses”, writers in negotiations to pen re-boot for “National Lampoon’s Vacation”, New Line in search of director…

The writers behind the film, “Horrible Bosses”, John Francis Daily and Jonathan Goldstein, are in negotiations with New Line studios to write the script for the, “National Lampoon’s Vacation” reboot. The next “Vacation” film, will focus on a full grown Rusty Griswold, taking his family on a vacation. Chevy Chase himself, have teased many times in interviews that there is a new “National Lampoon’s” movie in the works. Look like he isn’t lying after all!

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

It would make a lot of sense if they can get Anthony Michael Hall, to reprise his role as Rusty. Anthony is a full grown adult now. I hope they can get Anthony. I also hope, Chevy will reprise his role as Clark in some way. Give Clark Griswold a small appearance, at least, ’cause I can’t see a Vacation movie without the great, Clark Griswold. I love the vacation movies. Especially the first one.

It would also be great if they bring back Bevery D’Angelo (Ellen), and Dana Barron (Audrey). Bring back the original cast!

The first Vacation movie by Harold Ramis, is one of my favorite comedy films of all time. Love the film too much, especially John Candy’s appearance at the end. Lets hope they do a good job with the re-boot.

Edit to add: Btw, the new film needs to open with it’s original theme song, Lyndsey Buckingham’s “Holiday Road”. If that song is not in the film, it’s not a vacation movie!

Report: National Lampoon’s “Vacation” with the Griswold’s is coming back to the big screen…

New Line has greenlighted a sequel to the 1983 comedy classic, “National Lampoon’s Vacation”, which was originally directed by Harold Ramis and written by John Hughes. The film also starred comic legend, Chevy Chase. New Line will team up with Warner Bros. to get the film made and released.

The story to the new sequel will focus on Clark Griswold’s, oldest son, Rusty. Rusty is a full grown man with a family on his own now. Rusty takes his family on vacation just like his father did back in the old days. Yes, Clark and Ellen Griswold will be written for the script to appear as grandparents in the film, so Chevy and Beverly D’Angelo will make a return to the sequel. Chevy and Beverly has not yet signed a deal to return but I think they will jump on the opportunity when New Line approaches them.

David Dobkin is attached to direct. This would actually be the “fifth” National Lampoon’s Vacation movie with the Griswold’s as there is also, “National Lampoon’s European Vacation”, “Christmas Vacation”, and “Vegas Vacation”.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


If they can get Anthony Michael Hall to return as “Rusty” which I’m sure they will try and get him, then I’m sold. It would be great to see if Anthony Michael Hall will agree to reunite. I would rather see Harold Ramis directing again though. I love the Vacation movies with the Griswold’s.

Chevy Chase is still acting as he is currently at work on the NBC series, “Community” which is on every Thursday night before “The Office” comes on.


Report: Chevy Chase attacks Sarah Palin again, says her being on the show was a huge mistake…

Former SNL star and former “Weekend Update” host, Chevy Chase continues to express his hate against the Vice President hopeful Sarah Palin. First he said he wanted Tina Fey to decimate Sarah Palin next time, and now he is saying it was a bad idea to put the real Sarah Palin on the show.

He said Lorne Michaels who is the longtime founder/owner of SNL had no scripts or no lines written for Sarah Palin, everything Sarah Palin said was all improvised. That means her insult at Tina Fey “No questions please” was improv as well.

Read more on what Chevy has to say about Sarah on SNL here:


I’ll admit that Sarah’s acting was pretty bad and kind of noticed her lines weren’t scripted a bit. She should focus on politics, not trying to start an acting career.

The only thing I give Sarah credit for is that she helped Tina Fey become more well known. Seriously!


Report: Chevy Chase wants Tina Fey to be harder on Sarah Palin next time…

Former SNL star Chevy Chase has recently seen the new SNL premiere episode and he said he was pretty impressed with Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin the Vice President hopeful. Chevy was saying he was impressed on how Tina looked and spoke exactly like Sarah Palin. He also said Hillary Clinton played by Amy Poehler wasn’t needed. He wants Tina to be much harder on Sarah Palin next time she plays her on SNL because it seems that Chevy Chase isn’t much of a fan of the real Sarah Palin herself.

More on it here:


While Tina Fey is a retired SNL star, I’m sure she will make another special guest appearance to play Sarah Palin again, maybe a week before election begins in November it’ll happen.