Report: “Horrible Bosses”, writers in negotiations to pen re-boot for “National Lampoon’s Vacation”, New Line in search of director…

The writers behind the film, “Horrible Bosses”, John Francis Daily and Jonathan Goldstein, are in negotiations with New Line studios to write the script for the, “National Lampoon’s Vacation” reboot. The next “Vacation” film, will focus on a full grown Rusty Griswold, taking his family on a vacation. Chevy Chase himself, have teased many times in interviews that there is a new “National Lampoon’s” movie in the works. Look like he isn’t lying after all!

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

It would make a lot of sense if they can get Anthony Michael Hall, to reprise his role as Rusty. Anthony is a full grown adult now. I hope they can get Anthony. I also hope, Chevy will reprise his role as Clark in some way. Give Clark Griswold a small appearance, at least, ’cause I can’t see a Vacation movie without the great, Clark Griswold. I love the vacation movies. Especially the first one.

It would also be great if they bring back Bevery D’Angelo (Ellen), and Dana Barron (Audrey). Bring back the original cast!

The first Vacation movie by Harold Ramis, is one of my favorite comedy films of all time. Love the film too much, especially John Candy’s appearance at the end. Lets hope they do a good job with the re-boot.

Edit to add: Btw, the new film needs to open with it’s original theme song, Lyndsey Buckingham’s “Holiday Road”. If that song is not in the film, it’s not a vacation movie!

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