Chevy Chase’s response to people who thinks he’s a jerk is just golden… thank you Chevy!

Over the years, it was said by colleagues that Chevy Chase was a difficult guy to work with on TV shows and movies. He was called a jerk and a terrible person by other actors and film crew people that he worked with over the years.

Well Chevy, the man himself finally responds to his haters in a CBS Sunday Morning interview he did. It’s a good segment showcasing his career over the years too.

Chevy’s response to people that don’t like him? His simple answer was, “I don’t give a crap, I am who I am.”

Yeah, such a great response. The last thing you want to do is care what people think of you, ya know? If people don’t like you and if people think you’re a jerk, who cares. Just let negativity slide right by and keep being yourself. Keep on keepin’ on.

Yeah, I have haters too… I’ve had people over the years call me a “jerk” as well… I’m aware of that and that’s fine. I’ve been called a big bad internet troll and been called much nastier names. Over the years, people always saw me as the big bad Brock who was always mean and talked offensive stuff. I still get that even now believe it or not. It’s just funny, ya know? I used to defend myself of all the negativity I get but I’ve gotten way better at not giving a fuck what people think of me and that’s the right attitude to have. People don’t like you? Who cares. Give them the middle finger.

In reality, I think Chevy Chase is a good guy and he is probably a “friendly” guy, he’s just gonna get jealous haters the more success he gets and stuff, ya know? He may get a lot of people saying that he’s a “jerk” but that doesn’t mean it’s true either.

What’s wrong with “being yourself”? You can’t be yourself anymore. In this day and age, it’s almost a crime. You gotta be who other people want you to be and when you refuse to do that and not bow down to others, you’re all of a sudden the biggest jerk on the planet. I feel Chevy on this one.

I’m sure a lot of people are still shitting on Chevy after this CBS interview too.

Chevy’s a legend and a comic genius, of course people are gonna hate him for that reason.


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