Report: Chevy Chase caught bashing his own TV show that he stars in through voicemail…

I haven’t been following the Chevy Chase vs. Dan Harmon feud that’s been going on for a while lately, but I think I am going to follow it after this story that just been reported. Chevy left a voicemail to the, “Community” creator, Dan Harmon, saying that the show is mediocre and bashes the show some more after that. Chevy says he knows comedy more than anybody and he has been doing it for years.

More on the story, here.

I watched “Community” for a little while and he has a point. The show is not that great, and not funny. Why would Chevy still star in it even if he didn’t like it? I would say he’s in it for the money alone for sure, but I also would like to say that he accepted the job just to keep acting. Nobody knows who Chevy Chase is anymore ’cause it would be hard for him to stay in Hollywood films.

If you knew Chevy Chase’s career as I do, he is also right on the money that he has been doing comedy for years, longer than anyone out there. He got his start in SNL, then he moved on to Hollywood films. Everything from “Caddyshack”, “National Lampoon’s”, “Funny Farm”, “Spies Like Us”, etc. The list goes on. The guy is a comic genius. I love his movies and always respected Chevy.

Clark Griswold was one of his best characters he ever played, of course.

I’ll be following this feud ’cause this feud seems like another version of Charlie Sheen vs. Chuck Lore. What is it with big TV stars feuding with TV creators? Ego and jealousy for sure.


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