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Report: “The Breakfast Club” cast reunites for the first time in 25 years!!!

There’s Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson, all who have starred in one of my favorite movies of all times, “The Breakfast Club”. The cast reunited to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the legendary film directed by, John Hughes. The cast reunited to attend an event at the Film Society of Lincoln Center in NYC to pay respects for, John Hughes, who died last year.

The only one who didn’t show up was, Emilio Estevez. Why didn’t Emilio show up? I believe he’s in Canada to promote his new directed movie, “The Way” starring his father, Martin Sheen. More on it here. Maybe Emilio got too caught up in that and didn’t have the time to travel to New York to attend the Breakfast Club event. I’m sure the rest of the cast asked Emilio to attend the John Hughes event, but Emilio, just released a new movie. I’m pretty sure Emillio wanted to attend, though.

If you want to see what Emilio Estevez looks like now, see the video of him below. Yep, Emilio hasn’t changed a bit. He still looks the same as he did in the “Breakfast Club”.


Report: National Lampoon’s “Vacation” with the Griswold’s is coming back to the big screen…

New Line has greenlighted a sequel to the 1983 comedy classic, “National Lampoon’s Vacation”, which was originally directed by Harold Ramis and written by John Hughes. The film also starred comic legend, Chevy Chase. New Line will team up with Warner Bros. to get the film made and released.

The story to the new sequel will focus on Clark Griswold’s, oldest son, Rusty. Rusty is a full grown man with a family on his own now. Rusty takes his family on vacation just like his father did back in the old days. Yes, Clark and Ellen Griswold will be written for the script to appear as grandparents in the film, so Chevy and Beverly D’Angelo will make a return to the sequel. Chevy and Beverly has not yet signed a deal to return but I think they will jump on the opportunity when New Line approaches them.

David Dobkin is attached to direct. This would actually be the “fifth” National Lampoon’s Vacation movie with the Griswold’s as there is also, “National Lampoon’s European Vacation”, “Christmas Vacation”, and “Vegas Vacation”.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


If they can get Anthony Michael Hall to return as “Rusty” which I’m sure they will try and get him, then I’m sold. It would be great to see if Anthony Michael Hall will agree to reunite. I would rather see Harold Ramis directing again though. I love the Vacation movies with the Griswold’s.

Chevy Chase is still acting as he is currently at work on the NBC series, “Community” which is on every Thursday night before “The Office” comes on.