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Cool Photos: Charlie Sheen finally reunites with family publicly…

We haven’t seen Charlie Sheen, with father, Martin and brother Emilio much in the press, it has finally happened. Emilio’s new directorial film, “The Way”, which he and his father, Martin both star in had a premiere of the film at a film festival in Los Angeles. Charlie was there to support his family for the film.

See the photos, here.

I really would like to see Charlie and Emilio do another movie together. Maybe they will? Never say never. I really liked, “Men at Work” and, “Rated X”.


Report: Emilio finally speaks on his brother, Charlie, says “There’s always hope”…

Charlie’s brother, Emilio Estevez, have been quiet on all of this controversy for a while. Emilio finally speaks out while promoting his new movie, “The Way” which stars his father, Martin Sheen in the leading role.

Read what Emilio have to say about Charlie, here.


Gotta give kudos to Emilio Estevez for staying out of the Charlie Sheen drama…

Have you noticed something about this Charlie Sheen media soap opera? Emilio Estevez, Charlie’s older brother, kept himself out of it! So far, we’ve never heard anything from Emilio about his thoughts about all of this.

Emilio is the good guy. I’m sure Emilio had his share of drugs & alcohol himself when he was younger, but I’m sure he don’t do that anymore. Plus, Emilio, is not a womanizer like Charlie is, Emilio is faithful to his women. Why is Emilio the good man? Well, he is a very religious guy. I think Emilio is a born again, Christian.

I’m sure Emilio knows about all this. I’m sure Emilio is scared and worried about Charlie as well, Emilio is doing a smart thing to stay out of things. He doesn’t want to be involved. If Emilio did get involved, the media would be all over him non stop as well.

Emilio is too busy working on his own movies and focusing on his own career, which is good on him. I’m sure Emilio will speak out on all of this Charlie Sheen drama at some point, though. Maybe he’s waiting for it all to settle down?


Report: “The Breakfast Club” cast reunites for the first time in 25 years!!!

There’s Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson, all who have starred in one of my favorite movies of all times, “The Breakfast Club”. The cast reunited to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the legendary film directed by, John Hughes. The cast reunited to attend an event at the Film Society of Lincoln Center in NYC to pay respects for, John Hughes, who died last year.

The only one who didn’t show up was, Emilio Estevez. Why didn’t Emilio show up? I believe he’s in Canada to promote his new directed movie, “The Way” starring his father, Martin Sheen. More on it here. Maybe Emilio got too caught up in that and didn’t have the time to travel to New York to attend the Breakfast Club event. I’m sure the rest of the cast asked Emilio to attend the John Hughes event, but Emilio, just released a new movie. I’m pretty sure Emillio wanted to attend, though.

If you want to see what Emilio Estevez looks like now, see the video of him below. Yep, Emilio hasn’t changed a bit. He still looks the same as he did in the “Breakfast Club”.