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Just watched the movie “Foxcatcher” last night and it was really good!

Last night, I watched the film, “Foxcatcher” starring Channing Tatum, Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo.

I thought it was a very good film and one of the best drama films I’ve seen in years. This movie is about the murder of freestyle wrestler, Dave Schultz. It also tells the story of Olympic gold medalist, Mark Schultz training at John Du Pont’s “Foxcatcher” farm.

The movie was a bit long and a bit slow pacing but still a very good movie worth watching. I thought this was Steve Carell’s best performance in his career too. This movie is based on real life events so all it takes is a quick google search to learn more about the real John Du Pont story. As a matter of fact, I never knew about the Dave Schultz murder story until I saw this film and then I started researching this story more.

This movie was based on the book written by Mark Schultz so this makes me wanna read the book too.

I thought this movie was really good and would like to get it on BluRay sometime. Check it out yourself.



Report: James Spader in talks for CEO as Dunder Mifflin for “The Office”…

“Boston Legal” star, James Spader is in talks to be the new CEO for Dunder Mifflin in “The Office”, as replacement for Steve Carell. He already guest starred in the season finale.

More on it, here.

James Spader is a phenomenal actor. I never watched “Boston Legal”, but I remembered Spader in the first “Stargate” film and the drama, “Crash”.

No matter who replaces Steve Carell, the show is going to bomb without him. I’m pretty sure the ratings will drop next season. The show is going to get canceled, just watch.



Thought: Watch “The Office” get canceled soon with no Michael Scott…

Last week, I watched the first episode without Michael Scott, on “The Office”. So NBC is canceling shows like crazy? Just watch “The Office” get canceled right away this year. I know it’s going to happen. No matter who replaces Michael Scott as boss of “Dunder Mifflin”, the show is going to tank without him.

I can’t stand Will Ferrell as Deangelo, so I hope Deangelo won’t be the new boss. If he is, that’s when I’ll quit watching. It’s not “The Office” without Steve Carel. It already feels weird without him. I can understand why Steve wants to leave, after 7 seasons of being part of the show. Steve is becoming a big name movie star now. He’s too famous for TV.

I thought it was lame of NBC to continue the show without him. It won’t last another season after this, trust me.


Steve Carell question…

I like Steve Carell and all, huge fan of the guy but one thing that always confused me about him is the way he dresses in film and on TV. Is there ever a time where he don’t look like this smart professional looking rich guy? Does he always wear a suit and neck tie everywhere he goes? In almost every film he did, he looks like this too. It seems he has the same look everywhere you see him. I guess this is what makes him famous for.


Never thought I’d say this but I actually laughed my ass off at the movie “Date Night”…

I didn’t see, “Date Night” in theater ’cause I wasn’t interested. Now that it’s out on DVD, I bought it at Best Buy last night. Watched it last night too. The reason I wanted to see it ’cause I’m a fan of Steve Carell. Loved him in “The Office” TV show and love his acting in movies too. I was pretty surprised by “Date Night”. I was worried it was going to be a crap movie, but it turned out to be a great film. It was funny, and entertaining.

After seeing this movie, made me realize that I’m glad Steve is leaving “The Office”. He’s getting too famous for TV and he’s about to become a household name in Hollywood for movies. He’s a fantastic actor and just an all around, good guy. This movie tells a story about a married couple going on a date night to a sea food restaurant in NYC, they didn’t have a reservation so they steal someone else’s identity so they can get a table. Their date night of course, goes wrong, and ends up getting into crime with city mobsters looking for a flash drive.

It actually wasn’t a bad film at all. I had some good laughs, the film had some good action, good writing. While I mostly watch action and horror films, I need to switch it up and watch a good comedy once in a while. “Date Night” is a good flick, check it out.


Report: Steve Carell maybe leaving “The Office” but B.J. Novak is staying!!!

Well, look like NBC plans to keep going with “The Office” even when Steve Carell leaves ’cause they’re going to keep going with another few seasons. B.J. Novak just signed a contract to stay with the show for the next two seasons. The deal covers both as actor and writer/producer.

Variety Reports:


Hmmmmmm, when Michael Scott quits the company on the show, there will indeed be a new boss. NBC can try and go on with the show without Steve Carell, but the ratings will tank without Steve, I’m 100% sure of it!!!!

Oh well. Guess I’ll make my prediction for the boss replacement of, “The Office”. Who will be Michael’s replacement?

I think the new boss will be female, and it might be either Pam or Kelly.


BREAKING NEWS: Steve Carell confirms he’s leaving “The Office” after season 7 is over…

Steve Carell, the leading star of the hit NBC series, “The Office” confirms he’s leaving the show and Season 7 will be his last.

More on it here:


Steve claims he wants to spend more time with his family, but I really think he wants to move on to movies full time. This guy’s been coming out with new movie roles like crazy.

Steve is phenomenal, I really like the guy.

If Steve is leaving, then NBC may as well cancel the show for good ’cause I can’t see anybody replacing Michael Scott as the new boss for the job. I’m sure people would like to see Jim Halpert or Dwight Schrute take over as boss on the show but it just wouldn’t work since Steve created a legacy. The ratings would tank without Steve.



Report: Steve Carell might leave “The Office” next year…

Steve Carell, star of “The Office” dropped a shocking announcement that he might leave the show next year.

Read more on the story here:


“Office” fans like myself might be dissapointed, but hey, Steve has a HUGE movie career up ahead of him. Maybe that’s why he wants to quit ’cause he finally decided he wants to be a full time movie star now.

While he was still playing in “The Office”, Steve did several movies playing the leading roles  which were very successful and big hits in the box office. Movies such as “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, “Get Smart”, “Date Night”, “Little Miss Sunshine”, etc. That’s probably what he wants to do, move on to do movies.

A lot of big movie stars today get their start from TV shows like Tom Hanks (Bossom Buddies), Robin Williams (Mork & Mindy), Adam Sandler (SNL), the list can go on. Steve is on his way there.

“The Office” is my favorite TV show too, but I’m actually proud of him that he’s leaving. He’s a phenomenal actor, always liked him. This guy will win an Oscar one day whenever he picks the right role in the future.


Report: Steve Carell signs three year first-look deal with Warner Bros., and sequel to “Get Smart”…

“The Office” and “Get Smart” star Steve Carell just signed a three year first-look deal with Warner Bros. Meaning Steve gets to work with Warner Bros. for three years on film either to star in or to produce. Not only that, he is also on board to reprise his role as Maxwell Smart for the sequel of “Get Smart”. He also has a lot of other film ideas to work with Warner Bros. as well.

Variety Reports:


I really loved the “Get Smart” movie, it was great. Hope they don’t ruin the sequel.

I watched the first episode of “The Office” for season 5 and it was pretty lame. I hope the show gets better than that later in the season.


Report: The Rock to Steve Carell, “Do you smell what the Rock is kissing?”

Is the Rock going gay in real life? Who knows! The Rock admits to enjoying locking lips with The Office star Steve Carell who he stars with in the “Get Smart” movie which is out this weekend! Yes, Dwayne and Steve make out in “Get Smart”, it’s been said that the man on man makeout scene in “Get Smart” was a real kiss. I believe the Rock plays a gay character in the film.

FOXNews reports:


Maybe this is the reason for Dwayne and his wife divorcing? I know bad joke.

There is nothing wrong with experimenting homosexuality just for a film, that’s it. I don’t think the Rock will come out of the closet in real life although he enjoyed that one experience.