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Report: Steve Carell maybe leaving “The Office” but B.J. Novak is staying!!!

Well, look like NBC plans to keep going with “The Office” even when Steve Carell leaves ’cause they’re going to keep going with another few seasons. B.J. Novak just signed a contract to stay with the show for the next two seasons. The deal covers both as actor and writer/producer.

Variety Reports:


Hmmmmmm, when Michael Scott quits the company on the show, there will indeed be a new boss. NBC can try and go on with the show without Steve Carell, but the ratings will tank without Steve, I’m 100% sure of it!!!!

Oh well. Guess I’ll make my prediction for the boss replacement of, “The Office”. Who will be Michael’s replacement?

I think the new boss will be female, and it might be either Pam or Kelly.


Report: B.J. Novak joins “Inglorious Bastards”…

Tarantino is on a roll for the casting! When Tarantino said he was going to get the casting done quickly, he really meant it! Actor B.J. Novak who is known for playing for the hit TV show “The Office” is in negotiations with Quentin Tarantino to be casted in “Inglorious Bastards”. Novak maybe playing PFC Utivich in the film.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


I’m glad Tarantino went for an unkown actor this time around! B.J. Novak rules!