Thought: Watch “The Office” get canceled soon with no Michael Scott…

Last week, I watched the first episode without Michael Scott, on “The Office”. So NBC is canceling shows like crazy? Just watch “The Office” get canceled right away this year. I know it’s going to happen. No matter who replaces Michael Scott as boss of “Dunder Mifflin”, the show is going to tank without him.

I can’t stand Will Ferrell as Deangelo, so I hope Deangelo won’t be the new boss. If he is, that’s when I’ll quit watching. It’s not “The Office” without Steve Carel. It already feels weird without him. I can understand why Steve wants to leave, after 7 seasons of being part of the show. Steve is becoming a big name movie star now. He’s too famous for TV.

I thought it was lame of NBC to continue the show without him. It won’t last another season after this, trust me.


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