Thought: About “The Event”, and “Wonder Woman” being canceled on NBC…

It seems that NBC really listens to the public opinions. NBC put this stuff out there, the public speak, and the company responds. If their shows get a lot of negative feedback by viewers, that’s when NBC will start taking action, canceling shows like crazy.

NBC killed, “The Event”, and David E. Kelley’s “Wonder Woman”, that was going to star Adrianne Palicki as the hero. Both of these shows kept getting bad reviews by the public for days.

I’ll admit that “The Event” started out real interesting the first season. I watched the entire first season, of “The Event”. When the second season came, I only watched the first few episodes, and then I stopped watching. I’ll admit, “The Event” went downhill on me, the second season. Jason Ritter is a good actor but it’s just that the writing of the show is really bad.

NBC didn’t really have to cancel, “Wonder Woman” just because the public didn’t like it. I’m sure another Network will buy “Wonder Woman”. I’m interested in seeing it still. People need to stop bashing things before TV shows or movies haven’t even been released yet. I don’t know why people do it, but they do. I never did that. It’s a smart thing to do, to actually watch them first, and then make your opinion.


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