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Will more celebs at the Oscars come out in support of Trump after the Joy Villa MAGA dress incident?

A lot of people are expecting a lot of Trump bashing at the Oscars and there probably will be but I’m thinking not all of it will be Trump bashing. After the Joy Villa MAGA dress incident at the Grammy’s, do you think more celebs will come out in support of Trump? Whether on the red carpet or during the Oscars show itself, I think a few more movie stars will come out in support of Trump. Who knows who may that be?

Mel Gibson himself seems to be a Trump supporter even though he hasn’t been vocal about it but Mel has been caught giving a dirty look when Meryl Streep was bashing Trump at the Golden Globes. Mel seemed to be disgusted with Meryl bashing Trump at the Globes. Maybe Mel will speak for his support of Trump at the Oscars this weekend, who knows?

We’ll have to wait and see what happens. I think it’ll be cool if more celebs would come out in support of Trump at the Oscars to piss off liberal Hollywood even more. That would be funny as hell!


If you think Meryl Streep’s insane political rant at the Golden Globes was bad, celebs ranting about politics will be worse at tonight’s Grammy’s and the Oscars too!!!

Meryl Streep bashing Trump at an award show. That won’t be the last of celebrities bashing our new president as there will be more of it tonight and probably at the Oscars too.

Just think what Beyonce is gonna say about Trump tonight at the Grammy’s when she wins her awards ’cause you know she’s gonna say something and I’m sure there will be some musical performances that will have themes that will bash Trump. I also think Katy Perry will go political about Trump during her performance. Lady Gaga is set to perform with Metallica (another odd collaboration) but will they go political tonight? I think some of the award presenters will probably bash Trump tonight at the Grammy’s. The Trump bashing at award shows won’t end.

Trying to debate whether or not I should watch the Grammy’s tonight but I probably won’t. It’s not only politics is why I probably won’t watch the Grammy’s, it’s just that the list of slated performers and the nominations this year are horrible. David Bowie getting snubbed for “Best Album” is good enough for me to not want to watch it.

I’ll probably watch WWE “Elimination Chamber”  ppv tonight instead. Sounds like a good idea!

I will watch the Lady Gaga and Metallica performance in youtube, though, just not on TV! Thinking about skipping the Grammy’s tonight. It’s gonna be nothing but a big lovefest for liberals anyways.


Will I boycott Hollywood? Probably not totally but I will boycott award shows and Meryl Streep films, though…

Through social networking, there has been a lot of calls for “boycotting” Hollywood by Trump supporters. Meaning stop going to the movie theaters completely and stop buying/renting movies too. Should I boycott Hollywood completely? No, I probably won’t but lets just say that I will boycott ALL award shows and I will boycott Meryl Streep movies, though. That’s good enough. I won’t boycott Hollywood ’cause I love the movies and I’m a movie buff, I can’t stop what I am. Yeah, I know most of Hollywood are a bunch of libtards but I don’t care about their politics. I just watch movies for the good stories and I need my entertainment.

I must say though that I find it really sad that most of Hollywood today won’t stop ramming their liberal politics down everyone’s throats. There are so many talented movie stars that I used to like and admire but they’re die hard liberals like Tom Hanks, Leo Dicaprio, Russell Crowe, Sam L. Jackson, Robert Deniro, etc. I can keep going with this list. When a celeb goes too far with their die-hard liberal politics, I’ll have no choice but to boycott their career like Meryl Streep for starters.

People are getting fed up with Hollywood at award shows ’cause instead of talking about their films and their career, they have to ram liberal politics down our throats like Meryl Streep just did. She made a bunch of absurd claims that Trump made fun of a disabled person which isn’t true, Trump wants to kick out all foreigners which is also bullshit and Meryl attacked fans who liked to watch football and MMA. No, Trump did not make fun of a disabled person, he made similar gestures like that when making fun of other people… that’s just a part of Trump’s sense of humor. Trump does not want to kick out foreigners, he only wants to kick out “illegal” foreigners. Not that hard to understand isn’t it? She also said something stupid like “Without Hollywood, we would only have football and MMA”. Hey Meryl, I’m not a fan of football but I am a fan of MMA, so shut up you old cunt.

Who cares about Meryl Streep anyways. I’ve only seen like three good films with her in it: “Ironweed”, “The River Wild” and “Kramer vs. Kramer” but I haven’t seen any other good films of hers. She mostly starred in mostly dumb chick flicks and snooze fest drama films over the years anyways.

It wouldn’t surprise me that liberals agree with everything Meryl said and hailing her as a hero like they’re typically doing now. If you believe her claim that Trump made fun of a disabled person then you probably watch CNN or read the Washington Post.

I won’t boycott Hollywood ’cause I like to watch movies, that’s who I am but I am done with award shows, though. I won’t even watch the Oscars this year.


Glad I skipped last night’s Golden Globes, I’m gonna skip the Oscars and the Grammy’s too!!

Well, I’m glad that I skipped last night’s Golden Globes ’cause I figure it was gonna be nothing but Trump bashing by celebrities. A waste of time to watch. The Trump bashing at award shows is not the only reason why I’m boycotting all award shows. It’s not only because of “libtard” Hollywood, it’s also because the nominations at award shows hasn’t been so good lately. Giving nominations to movies that don’t look so great at all… “La La Land”, really? Don’t look any good to me. Trump supporters shouldn’t have been surprised of the Trump bashing from last nigh so why were they watching anyways? Award shows are garbage. They have been sucking for the past couple of years now.

I’m done with award shows. I usually watch the Oscars every year but I think I’m done watching the Oscars too. I won’t even watch this year’s Oscars… not only because of the Trump bashing, that’s part of the reason but also ’cause of terrible nominations. The Oscar nominations aren’t out yet but when they do come out, I’m sure the Oscar nominees will be shit this year too. I won’t even watch the Grammy’s at all this year.

Award shows for both movies and music seems to be getting worse every year. Does everything about these award shows have to be about liberal politics? Gosh, can’t they leave politics out of everything for once and entertain us like they what they are here to do? It’s a shame to see these celebrities bash Trump and the voters ’cause keep in mind, we have given our money to these people to do what they do. Yeah, we are paying these celebs to go see their movies and we pay music stars to buy their albums and shit. It’s a shame.

Anyhow, while most of last night’s Golden Globes was pretty much garbage, the only good thing that happened there last night was Sylvester Stallone reuniting with Carl Weathers 40 years after the first Rocky came out. That was the only good thing that happened last night but other than that… the Golden Globes last night was predictably trash.

While I am a huge movie buff and all, I’m not ashamed to say that Hollywood has been crap as of late. They don’t release good movies much anymore. I only watch movies that interest me. Hollywood is becoming horrible though. What happened? Too many remakes, reboots, sequels, too many CGI action movies, etc. I miss the old days of Hollywood when it used to be good.


Meryl Streep plays a rock star in “Ricki and the Flash” movie, interesting…

Wow. This is the kind of role that I thought Meryl Streep would ever play. It’s a different role for her for sure. It’s about a woman who gives up everything to try to become a rock n’ roll star but then she tries to give up her rock star dreams to return to her family.

This movie actually looks interesting to me and I might check this one out.


Report: Meryl Streep and Tina Fey to star in “Mommy & Me”…

Columbia Pictures has signed Tina Fey and Meryl Streep to star in a comedy, “Mommy & Me” that will also star, Stanley Tucci. Stanley Tucci, will also direct the film.

Variety Reports:


Well, there’s another Oscar nomination for Meryl Streep, you know she will get one. Maybe she’ll actually win next time?