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Finally, leftist Hollywood gets the ultimate verbal ass-kicking that they needed for years… thank you Ricky Gervais!!!!

I didn’t watch the Golden Globes last night but Ricky Gervais made me wished I did. For the past decade or more leftist Hollywood has been using award shows as a political platform where they can ram their leftist opinions down everyone’s throats. It has gotten much worse under Trump as president. Finally, like the title says, Ricky Gervais gives leftist Hollywood the ultimate verbal ass-kicking that they needed for years and they deserved it really.

Yeah, some of you would say Ricky wasn’t being serious ’cause he’s a “comedian” and all but yes, he was being serious. Ricky is just as frustrated as the rest of us. We don’t want Hollywood using award shows for politics.

Hollywood like to claim they are “woke” but they aren’t at all. They are just brainwashed by the media, I think. Not only that Ricky called Hollywood out on their leftist political problem, he also called out the Hollywood pedophile problem which was ballsy.

I’ve been a fan of Ricky Gervais for a long time and I’m now an even more fan of him. I know Ricky is kind of a “leftist” guy himself but I think it’s pretty clear he’s getting red-pilled. Ricky’s waking up of what’s really going on in the real world if you’ve been paying attention to his twitter.

Of course, people are calling Ricky “controversial” ’cause of this. It’s not controversial at all… Ricky is just being a grown up and being completely “sane”. I think he’s definitely grown out of the Democrat plantation and it’s a start really.

I didn’t watch the whole monologue yet but gonna get around to it but what Ricky did was glorious. I’m tired of leftist Hollywood ramming their opinions and views down our throats. None of us think like they do and we don’t have to.

This is what a real comedian looks like, y’all. Bashing President Trump isn’t comedy… sorry but it isn’t.

Celebrities really don’t know anything about the real world just like most liberals in America don’t. Really sad thanks to the leftist media.


The Golden Globe nominations are in and they are horrible! Turn it off ’cause of “Call me By Your Name” film…

This is just terrible! The liberal politics of award shows continues to get worse every year. I’m not against homosexuality (I’m no homophobe, trust me), not against it at all but I find it wrong that the Golden Globes nominated a film called Call Me By Your Name which is a film about a full grown man who has a romantic relationship with a 17 year old boy. Before anyone gets mad, hear me out first. Sure, the legal age of consent in Italy is 14 but shouldn’t it be illegal to promote the film and release it in the US? In my opinion, I think the film industry is now trying to normalize pedophilia just by releasing it over here in the US and nominating some awards. Call Me By Your Name will probably land a lot of Oscar nominations too. I saw the trailer for the film myself and it looks like garbage anyways. I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually won an award or two.

Anyways, it’s no surprise that Hollywood would be all over a film like Call Me By Your Name since the industry has been exposed as sexual predator Hollywood (or PedoWood), so that’s all you really need to know.


On another note, I haven’t any of those films except for Get Out which is the only film I’ve seen of the Golden Globe nominations. Get Out was actually very good.. I liked it a lot despite all the liberal politics throughout the film, it was still a good horror/comedy film. That film probably won’t win a Best Picture category but I can see the film’s leading star, Daniel Kaluuya winning something ’cause that was a good performance.

The only other movie I want to see nominated is Dunkirk which I haven’t seen yet, but gonna get around to seeing that movie hopefully soon.

I’m glad to see Game of Thrones get nominated for Best TV drama ’cause I still love that show and still loyal to that show. GOT probably won’t win, though… that award will probably go to The Crown, I bet.

I probably won’t watch the Golden Globes and the Oscars in 2018 ’cause I’m done with award shows. No doubt there will be all kinds of liberal politics and President Trump bashing throughout those shows. Fuck it all.



Glad I skipped last night’s Golden Globes, I’m gonna skip the Oscars and the Grammy’s too!!

Well, I’m glad that I skipped last night’s Golden Globes ’cause I figure it was gonna be nothing but Trump bashing by celebrities. A waste of time to watch. The Trump bashing at award shows is not the only reason why I’m boycotting all award shows. It’s not only because of “libtard” Hollywood, it’s also because the nominations at award shows hasn’t been so good lately. Giving nominations to movies that don’t look so great at all… “La La Land”, really? Don’t look any good to me. Trump supporters shouldn’t have been surprised of the Trump bashing from last nigh so why were they watching anyways? Award shows are garbage. They have been sucking for the past couple of years now.

I’m done with award shows. I usually watch the Oscars every year but I think I’m done watching the Oscars too. I won’t even watch this year’s Oscars… not only because of the Trump bashing, that’s part of the reason but also ’cause of terrible nominations. The Oscar nominations aren’t out yet but when they do come out, I’m sure the Oscar nominees will be shit this year too. I won’t even watch the Grammy’s at all this year.

Award shows for both movies and music seems to be getting worse every year. Does everything about these award shows have to be about liberal politics? Gosh, can’t they leave politics out of everything for once and entertain us like they what they are here to do? It’s a shame to see these celebrities bash Trump and the voters ’cause keep in mind, we have given our money to these people to do what they do. Yeah, we are paying these celebs to go see their movies and we pay music stars to buy their albums and shit. It’s a shame.

Anyhow, while most of last night’s Golden Globes was pretty much garbage, the only good thing that happened there last night was Sylvester Stallone reuniting with Carl Weathers 40 years after the first Rocky came out. That was the only good thing that happened last night but other than that… the Golden Globes last night was predictably trash.

While I am a huge movie buff and all, I’m not ashamed to say that Hollywood has been crap as of late. They don’t release good movies much anymore. I only watch movies that interest me. Hollywood is becoming horrible though. What happened? Too many remakes, reboots, sequels, too many CGI action movies, etc. I miss the old days of Hollywood when it used to be good.


I don’t think the Oscar for “Best Picture” is gonna go to “Mad Max: Fury Road” after all…

I’m actually pretty happy with the winner results of last night’s “Golden Globes”. It seems that the awards went with the right people. I’m so glad “Mad Max: Fury Road” didn’t get the big win for “Best Motion Picture – Drama” last night. Instead that winner went to “The Revenant”. I have not seen “The Revenant” yet but will when it’s available for rental.

Here are the results of last night’s Golden Globes:


I hate award shows but I watch the Globes and the Oscars to see what movies and stuff are gonna win awards since I’m a huge movie buff and all.

So it’s looking like that “Mad Max: Fury Road” isn’t gonna win Best Picture at all at the Oscars. It’s looking like either “The Revenant” or “The Martian” will get the Best Picture win at the Oscars, I’ll bet your money on it. It’s most likely that “The Revenant” is going to win big.

Anyway, I’m glad Sly won for “Creed” and glad that Matt Damon won for “The Martian” ’cause they were both great performances. Matt is probably gonna get another Oscar too for that “Martian” role. I saw “The Martian” in theater myself so I knew that was a great performance. Matt Damon already is an Oscar winner for his screenplay of the film “Good Will Hunting”, he’ll get another Oscar nod for “The Martian” for sure.

I don’t care for award shows anymore but I just want to see Sly get his recognition for his acting talent which he totally deserves finally. I’m really am happy and proud for Sly as I’m sure the rest of his fans are too.


Best of luck to Sly Stallone tonight, hope he gets his first Golden Globe for “Creed”…

Sly is nominated for playing Rocky in the movie “Creed” at tonight’s “Golden Globes” but will he actually win? Will he win his first Golden Globe tonight? I’m hoping and praying for him that he does get it. I wish him a lot of luck tonight. “Creed” really was a beautiful movie and it’s one of Sly’s best performances. Lets hope he finally does become a Golden Globe winner tonight. He did get nominated for playing Rocky in the very first movie back in 1977 but he never won it, though. Lets hope he actually wins tonight. I’m sure Sly is getting nervous a little bit right now and he’s probably excited at the same time. I’m predicting he will get his Golden Globe tonight and next, he’ll get his Oscar. GO SLY! Thinking of ya, man!


Thought: I think Ricky Gervais should host the Oscars in 2012…

Comedian Ricky Gervais, is under a backlash in the media as you all should by now. Mostly about his so called offensive jokes he did about the celebrities at the Golden Globes. It was more of a roast. Ricky made fun of them all, in a negative and rude type of way. Ya know what? If people find his jokes offensive, then comedy is not for you. For your information, some people have a dark sense of humor. That’s the way I look at Ricky. His humor is dark. Insulting and picking on people in a humorous kind of way. If people are taking what he says seriously and whining about it, that just shows that he is a comic genius. I loved him on the Golden Globes the other night. I was laughing my ass off. Especially what he said about Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris when Ricky compared Hugh to the Walking Dead TV series, lmaof! I also loved it when he said, that when presenters and winners walked off the stage, they were trying to figure out where to go, Ricky stares at them with a weird look on his face and says, “It’s like Pacman”.

Ricky’s a funny guy. Proves that he should have been the one to host the Oscars, and hope the Academy will consider him for 2012.

That’s what comedians do. It’s their job to pick on people. If you’re going to have a comedian like Ricky host an award show, then they should do their research on his history and background beforehand. Too late now, the people are already pissed at him.

I have no problem with the Robert Deniro speech either, there is nothing offensive of what he said about Javier Bardem. You have to understand that Deniro have always been a crazy and whacky guy too. All those characters Deniro played in the movies, shows how he is in real life, go figure.

The news reports are crazy today. It’s mostly talk about Ricky and the Robert Deniro speeches. Hell, Robert Downey Jr., went on stage to present an award for Best Actress, and he was talking kind of creepy and sexual to them, how come people aren’t offended at that?


Thought: The Golden Globes was actually a pretty good show…

I was pretty happy with the winners tonight. It’s no surprise to me that the “Social Network” was going to win big. David Fincher won for Best Director and “The Social Network” won for Best Motion Picture. Look at the winners on their site, here.

The awards went to the right people this year. I was kind of disappointed that Michael Douglas didn’t win, but Christian Bale deserved it too. I loved Bale in, “The Fighter”. It was a big shocker to me that Natalie Portman won for “Black Swan”. I didn’t think Natalie would get it. I was rooting for Jennifer Lawrence or Michelle Williams, but Natalie ended up getting it. Natalie getting the win was another disappointing thing about the Globes, I still stand by it, that her performance in “Black Swan” is not that award worthy.

I was also happy for Steve Buscemi and Paul Giammati, both are fine actors and very underrated. I don’t watch “Boardwalk Empire”, but Steve Buscemi is a great actor, I’ve watched his movies for years. Melissa Leo winning for the “Fighter” was a bit of a shocker too, I didn’t think she get that. Melissa Leo played Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg’s mother in “The Fighter”.

I was thrilled for Al Pacino. I have seen, “You Don’t Know Jack” on HBO a few times, and yes, it was a pretty amazing film. Pacino’s best acting in a long time, so that award is well deserved. Pacino have been a favorite actor of mine for years, I’ve seen all of his flicks. Pretty much all of them.

Now you have an idea what the Oscars would be like this year. The winners will probably be the same for the Oscars as well.

I loved it when Michael Douglas went up there to present an award, he got a pretty emotional standing ovation from the crowd. So the celebrities know about his throat cancer which he doesn’t have anymore. Douglas is cured. When the audience gave Michael a standing ovation, you can see sad looks on their faces, so you can tell they were feeling sad for Michael. Michael is a great actor too, loved a lot of his movies. “Falling Down” and “Traffic” are two of my favorite movies of his. I haven’t seen “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps” yet, but plan to check it out soon.

Ricky Gervais did a good job hosting. Rude & crude, and funny like he always is. I like Ricky, he’s a funny as hell. I do watch “The Ricky Gervais” show sometimes. The Robert Deniro speech was pretty amazing as well.  Golden Globes this year was pretty decent.