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Watched “The Irishman”on Netflix last night and I’m like, “Wow, this is the best film of the year!”

Yesterday evening on Thanksgiving, I watched the Netflix movie “The Irishman” that was directed by Martin Scorsese. I’ll have to say like the title of this topic says that this is the best movie of 2019… well so far anyway and I really mean that too. It’s definitely another winner for Scorsese. Marty Scorsese is a genius film maker, no doubt. He has made a lot of great films over the years like “Goodfellas”, “Cape Fear” and “The Departed” being a few of my favorites that he did. Well Marty’s new film, “The Irishman” I’ve been looking forward to for a long time and it’s finally here.

I was totally impressed with it and blown away. The movie grabs you right from the start as the movie begins. As soon as the movie starts, I watch it from start to finish without any interruptions and yes, it’s a 3 and half hour movie. The movie has an all star cast too… it has everyone from: Robert Deniro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel, Ray Romano, Anna Paquin, Jesse Plemons, Steven Van Zandt, etc.

This wasn’t the first film Deniro and Pacino teamed up together in. They did a few other movies together like “The Godfather Part II’, “Righteous Kill” and “Heat”. So I think “The Irishman” would be their 4th film together… correct me if I’m wrong? Even though I think Deniro is a shitty person in real life and absolutely hate his left-wing politics, he’s still a great actor and I’m not afraid to admit that. I thought he did a great job in this film, though and this is definitely one of his best roles.

Yes, there was another movie based upon the “Hoffa” disappearance & murder which was a film directed by Danny Devito and starring Jack Nicholson as Hoffa released in the year 1992. You probably remember that film and I remember re-watching that one on Netflix not too long ago. This film and Marty’s “The Irishman” are two different films, though even though they’re similar stories.

“The Irishman” was based upon the book titled, “I Heard You Paint Houses” by Charles Brandt.

“The Irishman” just simply tells the story of Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran who is telling the story of his criminal past being a part of the Buffalo crime family and former union labor high official. The film also tells its own story of the mysterious Jimmy Hoffa disappearance and murder in which Sheeran confessed to. Jimmy Hoffa who was once a labor union leader himself.

I thought “The Irishman” was a brilliant movie and it’s not only the best film of the year, it’s also the best original movie on Netflix. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Netflix has too many original films. Most of them bad and a few of them actually pretty good but finally Netflix released a really good one. “The Irishman” was mind-blowing and I love how Marty is trying to keep mobster movies alive ’cause those type of movies are fading. Marty is the best at making mob movies, though.

Not only that Robert Deniro kills it with his acting… can’t ignore the talent of Pacino, Pesci and Keitel. Those guys killed it too like they always do. We haven’t seen Joe Pesci in a movie in a long time and obviously that man still got it even though he’s 76 now. I just love Pesci’s fast talking voice and that’s probably why he is so popular, really… people just like the way he talks.

The movie was also well filmed, well written and well directed. No complaints at all. Just a perfect all around movie all the way through. I’m definitely gonna give it another viewing, probably next weekend.

Check out “The Irishman”. The movie was amazing and I hope it gets a nomination for Best Picture at the next Oscars.



Robert Deniro another delusional leftist Hollywood actor, what’s new???

Yeah, there’s a lot of actors in Hollywood with left-wing political beliefs. Most of Hollywood is pretty liberal… there are only very few conservative actors in Hollywood left these days.

Anyways, back to Deniro… I respect him as an actor ’cause he is undeniably talented and a legend but when it comes to Hollywood, I don’t really care about the actors political beliefs.

It’s no surprise to see that Deniro wants Hillary president only because she’s a woman. We’re gonna get that a lot. Leftist people wanting Hillary to become president simply because she’s a woman. It really is idiotic and it’s pissing me off that people can think that the only reason they want Hillary as president is because she’s a woman.


My belief is that the reason that people want Hillary as a president because she’s a “woman” is ’cause they can’t think of any other reason why she would be president.

Keep in mind, Hillary is not the only woman on this planet.

Yeah, a woman president can be possible and would be great for America; however, you can’t just want a woman president just because she’s a woman. What about her behavior? Her personality? Her political issues? Those are the things that you gotta look at, not just because she’s simply a woman, ya know?

Hillary is responsible for Benghazi. Not caring to lift a finger to help those 4 men. That alone should disqualify her from the president race and yet those fucking uneducated liberals want her president anyways.

Remember, there are other women, ya know? I’m sure there will be Republican women and other Democrat women gunning for the White House. Why does it only have to be Hillary?

I can’t stand all the Hillary obsession. It’s just sick and wrong. What the fuck is wrong with America when we have left-wing politicians committing crimes and lying to people left and right and yet, America thinks they’re great anyways? I can’t fucking stand it, y’all! We live in a messed up country for sure!


Film Review: Grudge Match

Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Robert Deniro, Kevin Hart, Jon Bernthal, Alan Arkin, Kim Basinger

Directed by: Peter Segal

Today, the day after Christmas, I’ve decided to go to the movies to go check out the latest Sly movie, “Grudge Match” and here is my review.

Plot/synopsis: Two aging former professional boxers Razor (Stallone) and The Kid (Deniro) go on living their lives 30 years after their final match together. The two of them still hate each other and they still feud together after all these years so the Kid finally challenges Razor a re-match. Razor kept refusing to fight because he is done and wants to move on; however, The Kid kept pressuring him to fight one final match with him. Since the Kid still hates Razor he was pretty desperate in settling things in the ring. Of course, Razor finally accepts The Kid’s challenge and comes out of retirement just to help himself get out of his financial troubles. Razor was broke and couldn’t afford to pay his rents for his home. As their fight approaches, their boxing promoter (Kevin Hart) tries to promote their fight — Razor and the Kid continues to not get along. The question is who will win this legendary fight? 

Well, I was pretty surprised of this film! Finally, Rocky and Raging Bull team up together in a boxing movie which this was supposed to happen years ago! Even though this film has NOTHING to do with Rocky Balboa at all… you can betcha there will be a lot of similarities and there are tons of Rocky references all over the movie!

This film is not just a boxing drama. It’s actually a comedy. Stallone and Deniro were pretty funny on screen. I definitely did have a lot of laughs. Deniro’s character, The Kid, kept trash talking Razor and Razor never wanted anything to do with the guy which is hilarious stuff. Some of the lines that Deniro says just had me crackin’ up… he was entertaining as hell like always. Look like Stallone is trying to do comedy films more. “The Expendables” movies are action comedies and so was “Escape Plan” a little bit. I guess it’s a new thing for Sly these days that he wants to do comedy more and I think he does a good job at it. While Sly Stallone is mostly known as an action guy… I guess he wants to show that he can be funny and he WAS funny in this movie. What I love the most about this movie is that Stallone continues to show his love for boxing and the same with Deniro.

The writing and the script was also good. Casting was good. Even though Kim Basinger is aging, she’s still looking hot. Jon Bernthal (Shane from “The Walking Dead”) did a great job in his first major acting role. Iron Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield make surprising cameos — not saying what they do ’cause I don’t wanna reveal any spoilers. I don’t know much about Kevin Hart and even he was entertaining as well!

This was a well-made film. I liked it a lot. The film didn’t bore me at all.

Two thumbs up!



Sylvester Stallone makes surprising return to SNL for a cameo segment w/ John Goodman and Robert Deniro…

Last night on SNL, Sylvester Stallone makes a surprising return to SNL for a cameo segment with John Goodman and Robert Deniro to help promote the upcoming movie, “Grudge Match”. The last time Sly made an appearance on SNL was when he hosted the show back in 1997. Sly doesn’t do comedy too much but when he tries, he can be pretty good at it. This segment is pretty funny too. Enjoy.


Report: Sly Stallone to re-team with Robert Deniro for new boxing film…

Sly may be all done with the Rocky movies, there’s never gonna be a Rocky 7, but that’s still not stopping him for starring in other boxing movies as a different character! Sly is set to star in a film titled, “Grudge Match”, in which will star comedian Kevin Hart, in the leading role. Sly and Robert Deniro will be co-stars, fighting in a match together for the film. Stallone and Deniro once starred together for the film, “Copland”, back in 1997. What a kick ass idea to have Rocky and Jake in the ring together! I can see why those guys couldn’t pass up this opportunity to fight against each other. It just shows that Sly and Robert, both still has a huge passion for boxing.

Only thing though, this film may not do well in the box office, ’cause nobody cares about boxing anymore. I believe boxing lost it’s popularity ever since UFC got big. Who knows though, maybe this film could help people get interesting in boxing again. I used to be a fan of boxing myself, used to watch it all the time.

Deadline reports.


Thought: I think Ricky Gervais should host the Oscars in 2012…

Comedian Ricky Gervais, is under a backlash in the media as you all should by now. Mostly about his so called offensive jokes he did about the celebrities at the Golden Globes. It was more of a roast. Ricky made fun of them all, in a negative and rude type of way. Ya know what? If people find his jokes offensive, then comedy is not for you. For your information, some people have a dark sense of humor. That’s the way I look at Ricky. His humor is dark. Insulting and picking on people in a humorous kind of way. If people are taking what he says seriously and whining about it, that just shows that he is a comic genius. I loved him on the Golden Globes the other night. I was laughing my ass off. Especially what he said about Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris when Ricky compared Hugh to the Walking Dead TV series, lmaof! I also loved it when he said, that when presenters and winners walked off the stage, they were trying to figure out where to go, Ricky stares at them with a weird look on his face and says, “It’s like Pacman”.

Ricky’s a funny guy. Proves that he should have been the one to host the Oscars, and hope the Academy will consider him for 2012.

That’s what comedians do. It’s their job to pick on people. If you’re going to have a comedian like Ricky host an award show, then they should do their research on his history and background beforehand. Too late now, the people are already pissed at him.

I have no problem with the Robert Deniro speech either, there is nothing offensive of what he said about Javier Bardem. You have to understand that Deniro have always been a crazy and whacky guy too. All those characters Deniro played in the movies, shows how he is in real life, go figure.

The news reports are crazy today. It’s mostly talk about Ricky and the Robert Deniro speeches. Hell, Robert Downey Jr., went on stage to present an award for Best Actress, and he was talking kind of creepy and sexual to them, how come people aren’t offended at that?


Report: Deniro/Pacino to play Dean Martin, not Frank Sinatra…

Reports have hit the web that Martin Scorsese says he wants Robert Deniro to play Dean Martin and Al Pacino as Frank Sinatra. No. That’s not that what Mr. Scorsese told everyone. Re-read Scorsese’s comment again:

I’m yet to spot the actor who can bring back Frank Sinatra alive on screen.  My choice is Al Pacino, and Robert De Niro as Dean Martin.”

What he’s saying is, that he haven’t yet found an actor to play Frank Sinatra. He made it clear he wants both Al Pacino and Robert Deniro to play Dean Martin.

Ah, the press and the movie industry, gotta love it when they take a director’s comments out of context. Reports mistakenly said that Scorsese wants Pacino to play Frank Sinatra such as this report here:


and AICN:


Even the press can have bad reading comprehension.


Report: Charles Grodin just might be game for the “Midnight Run” sequel!!!

Well, that didn’t take long for Charles Grodin to hear about the “Midnight Run” sequel that Deniro wants to do. Charles Grodin seems to be interested after all! How cool is that? It can’t be a “Midnight Run” sequel without Grodin, maybe that’s the reason he wants on. Plus, Grodin haven’t done anything in movies lately and this would be a huge comeback for the guy.

On a side note, when Grodin returns don’t expect him to have dark hair like he had back in his younger days, where he was looking cool. The guy is 75 years old now.  If he gets confirmed to reprise his role, it’ll be great to see Grodin working again.

I like Charles Grodin, I remember he also starred in those family films, “Beethoven” about this dog. He was real funny in those movies.

AICN reports:



Report: “Midnight Run” sequel is greenlighted and Robert Deniro agrees to return!!!

The 1988 action comedy “Midnight Run” has been greenlighted to make a sequel, announced Universal Pictures. The film starred Robert Deniro and Charles Grodin. Deniro already agreed to return but it is unclear for now whether or not, Charles Grodin will return.

Lets hope so, ’cause there cannot be a “Midnight Run” sequel without Charles Grodin. Hopefully, Grodin will agree to reprise his role as “The Duke”. Grodin is 74 years old now, but I’m sure he still has the good acting chops to be able to play the role still. If he doesn’t agree the leading role, hopefully a small role for Grodin at least. If Grodin won’t be in it at all, then I’m not interested. I loved “Midnight Run”, it’s a great film.



Report: Robert Deniro and Edward Norton to reteam in “Stone”…

Robert Deniro and Edward Norton once starred in the Frank Oz directed movie, “The Score” together. The two are re-teaming again for another movie called, “Stone”, John Curran will direct. This twitter page reports that the filming of this movie will begin in Detroit, next month. This is adapted from Angus Mclachan’s play.