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Report: Charles Grodin just might be game for the “Midnight Run” sequel!!!

Well, that didn’t take long for Charles Grodin to hear about the “Midnight Run” sequel that Deniro wants to do. Charles Grodin seems to be interested after all! How cool is that? It can’t be a “Midnight Run” sequel without Grodin, maybe that’s the reason he wants on. Plus, Grodin haven’t done anything in movies lately and this would be a huge comeback for the guy.

On a side note, when Grodin returns don’t expect him to have dark hair like he had back in his younger days, where he was looking cool. The guy is 75 years old now.  If he gets confirmed to reprise his role, it’ll be great to see Grodin working again.

I like Charles Grodin, I remember he also starred in those family films, “Beethoven” about this dog. He was real funny in those movies.

AICN reports:



Report: “Midnight Run” sequel is greenlighted and Robert Deniro agrees to return!!!

The 1988 action comedy “Midnight Run” has been greenlighted to make a sequel, announced Universal Pictures. The film starred Robert Deniro and Charles Grodin. Deniro already agreed to return but it is unclear for now whether or not, Charles Grodin will return.

Lets hope so, ’cause there cannot be a “Midnight Run” sequel without Charles Grodin. Hopefully, Grodin will agree to reprise his role as “The Duke”. Grodin is 74 years old now, but I’m sure he still has the good acting chops to be able to play the role still. If he doesn’t agree the leading role, hopefully a small role for Grodin at least. If Grodin won’t be in it at all, then I’m not interested. I loved “Midnight Run”, it’s a great film.



Report: Charles Grodin to have returning cameo in the next Muppet movie…

Charles Grodin before

Charles Grodin now

MTV Movies Blog reports that actor Charles Grodin who appeared in leading roles in such films as “Midnight Run” with Robert Deniro and the “Beethoven” series a family film about a father who hates owning a dog is making a return to the Muppet movie series by appearing in a cameo in the next one. Charles Grodin played the leading role in “The Great Muppet Caper” playing the role as Nicky Holiday.

The writer for the next Muppet film Jason Segel wrote a cameo strictly for Charles Grodin, he didn’t quite say if he is reprising the role of Nicky Holiday or not. He also revealed that he has plans in bringing in Sesame Street characters as well so it could be a mix of all Muppet characters.

From MTV Movies Blog:


Pretty cool news. Sounds like they’ll make the next Muppet movie a huge blockbuster this time around. The last 3 or 4 Muppet films were flops.

I hope they do better next time so it can feel like a real Muppet movie.