Report: “Midnight Run” sequel is greenlighted and Robert Deniro agrees to return!!!

The 1988 action comedy “Midnight Run” has been greenlighted to make a sequel, announced Universal Pictures. The film starred Robert Deniro and Charles Grodin. Deniro already agreed to return but it is unclear for now whether or not, Charles Grodin will return.

Lets hope so, ’cause there cannot be a “Midnight Run” sequel without Charles Grodin. Hopefully, Grodin will agree to reprise his role as “The Duke”. Grodin is 74 years old now, but I’m sure he still has the good acting chops to be able to play the role still. If he doesn’t agree the leading role, hopefully a small role for Grodin at least. If Grodin won’t be in it at all, then I’m not interested. I loved “Midnight Run”, it’s a great film.


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