Report: Tobiaz got mugged in Pittsburgh!!

Check it out…I’ve tried to warn Tobiaz that not everyone is going to be his friend out there in his travelling adventures. I’ve also tried to warn him plenty of times that he will become a victim of a crime whether it’s getting mugged or whatever, but guess what folks? The Iaz, just got mugged. In this blog, he was with someone that claimed was his friend and that so called “friend” snatched money from his wallet. Pretty much most of his cash stolen.

I told him, but he didn’t listen to me.

As you see in that blog, him getting mugged like that is still not making him come back home ’cause he just said that is not enough to make him come back home. If he stays there, the mugging will keep happening. It will get worse for Iaz. It’ll be more than just his wallet being snatched. Maybe even get beaten and get thrown in the alley ways.

I don’t think Tobiaz will ever catch the guy that stole cash from him with the police. Something like that is usually very hard to do. You need a very good description and good look at the thief in order to report it to the police. The police usually don’t do much about that stuff unless you got some kind of proof.

Toby getting his wallet snatched is only the beggining for him and like I said, it will get worse, if he continues to stay out in the street like that with all that cash he has. You stay out in the streets like that with a lot of cash, you’ll attract a lot of thieves and muggers. He didn’t think anything like this would happen, now he’s starting to learn.


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