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Thoughts on Frank Sinatra 100 last night on CBS…

As a big fan of Frank Sinatra’s music myself, I had to watch the Frank Sinatra tribute show on CBS last night. To be honest, most of it really sucked except for Harry Connick Jr. who gave the best performance out of them all, in my opinion. I thought Harry Connick Jr. sang pretty close to Sinatra. I thought Harry was phenomenal like he usually is. Harry has always been a talented singer.

All the other singers on the show last night? Blech… most of them tried so hard to sound like Sinatra… trying to be copycats but Harry Connick Jr. did the best job. I was trying to find the video to Harry’s performance but it’s not in youtube (probably due to copyright).

I like Sinatra’s music myself and I wanna try to sing a song of his. I’m thinking of doing “My Way”, that’s the one I’ll probably do.


Report: Deniro/Pacino to play Dean Martin, not Frank Sinatra…

Reports have hit the web that Martin Scorsese says he wants Robert Deniro to play Dean Martin and Al Pacino as Frank Sinatra. No. That’s not that what Mr. Scorsese told everyone. Re-read Scorsese’s comment again:

I’m yet to spot the actor who can bring back Frank Sinatra alive on screen.  My choice is Al Pacino, and Robert De Niro as Dean Martin.”

What he’s saying is, that he haven’t yet found an actor to play Frank Sinatra. He made it clear he wants both Al Pacino and Robert Deniro to play Dean Martin.

Ah, the press and the movie industry, gotta love it when they take a director’s comments out of context. Reports mistakenly said that Scorsese wants Pacino to play Frank Sinatra such as this report here:


and AICN:


Even the press can have bad reading comprehension.


Report: Johnny Depp in negotiations to play Frank Sinatra?

I guess you can say that Johnny Depp maybe the first choice to play Frank Sinatra in Martin Scorsese’s “Sinatra” biopic. Depp is reportedly in negotiations to play the “I Love New York” singer. Could be just a rumour though.

More on it here:


I hope it is true that Johnny Depp will play Sinatra. This could finally give Johnny Depp an Oscar win for “Best Actor in a leading role”. Depp is a decent choice, actually.


Top 5 Music Biopic films…

With the recent Frank Sinatra music biopic that just got greenlighted by Universal Pictures, I wanted to name 5 of my favorite music biopics of all time… here is the list…

1. “Walk the Line”

(Joaquin Phoenix’s best role, enough said!)

2. La Bamba

(It’s one of these films I’ll never get tired of watching. I’ve seen this film hundreds of times and entertains me everytime I see it. Such a wonderful and powerful film. I love it so much!)

3. Ray

(Amazing film, great performance by Jamie Foxx!)

4. Great Balls of Fire

(Dennis Quaid was great in this…)

5. The Buddy Holly Story

(A kick ass film, Gary Busey made a great Buddy Holly!)

Next post coming up, “Top 5 Music Biopic unmade films that need to get made!”


Report: Frank Sinatra biopic greenlighted, Martin Scorsese to direct!!!

Universal Pictures has greenlighted to bring Frank Sinatra his own biopic film to the big screen. Universal has acquired the rights to “Sinatra” script written by “Field of Dreams” writer, Phil Alden. Who is the director of this film? It’s no one other than the legendary and Oscar winning director, Martin Scorsese.

An actor has not yet been casted for the legendary Frank Sinatra.

Billboard reports:


Lets hope Martin picks the right choice of an actor to play Sinatra. If you know what Sinatra looks like (see pic above), what Hollywood actor is a Frank Sinatra look alike?

I’d say he reminds me of Kevin Spacey or Billy Bob Thornton, they might be decent choices to play the old Frank Sinatra. As for who to play the young Sinatra as he’s growing up, I would think he’d go for Leo Dicaprio on that one.

I don’t care for Leo Dicaprio that much but I wouldn’t be surprised if Martin got Leo to play the young Frank.

We don’t know if Martin will have one actor to play Frank Sinatra all the way through the movie or have different ones play Frank as he’s getting older? I’ll be on the lookout for more news in the future.

Yeah, this looks like to be another Oscar nod for Martin Scorsese.


Report: Martin Scorcese will sing “New York, New York” for Frank Sinatra…

“Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today…”, yes that’s right, Martin Scorcese will make a biopic film with Unervisal Pictures about the legendary Frank Sinatra. The producer is Sinatra’s youngest daughter, Tina. While the film will mostly focus on the life of Frank Sinatra it will mainly be about Sinatra’s brief run in with the mafia (or the mob), believe it or not, Sinatra was a trouble maker in his older days. Tina wants to reveal the truth in the film that Frank Sinatra had a criminal past working for the mafia. So you can very well expect a high amount of violence in this film similar to the film “The Departed”.

Dark Horizons reports:


It’ll be interesting who’s Scorsese is gonna choose to play Sinatra. As long as he doesn’t get Leo Dicaprio again, I’ll go see it.