Top 5 Music Biopic films…

With the recent Frank Sinatra music biopic that just got greenlighted by Universal Pictures, I wanted to name 5 of my favorite music biopics of all time… here is the list…

1. “Walk the Line”

(Joaquin Phoenix’s best role, enough said!)

2. La Bamba

(It’s one of these films I’ll never get tired of watching. I’ve seen this film hundreds of times and entertains me everytime I see it. Such a wonderful and powerful film. I love it so much!)

3. Ray

(Amazing film, great performance by Jamie Foxx!)

4. Great Balls of Fire

(Dennis Quaid was great in this…)

5. The Buddy Holly Story

(A kick ass film, Gary Busey made a great Buddy Holly!)

Next post coming up, “Top 5 Music Biopic unmade films that need to get made!”


One thought on “Top 5 Music Biopic films…”

  1. Yo must see Control, it’s an amazing movie about Ian Curtis from Joy Division. Doesn’t do the usual – depicting the star as a god like untouchable – it shows him as pretty flawed and makes it all the more powerful in the process

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