Report: Frank Sinatra biopic greenlighted, Martin Scorsese to direct!!!

Universal Pictures has greenlighted to bring Frank Sinatra his own biopic film to the big screen. Universal has acquired the rights to “Sinatra” script written by “Field of Dreams” writer, Phil Alden. Who is the director of this film? It’s no one other than the legendary and Oscar winning director, Martin Scorsese.

An actor has not yet been casted for the legendary Frank Sinatra.

Billboard reports:

Lets hope Martin picks the right choice of an actor to play Sinatra. If you know what Sinatra looks like (see pic above), what Hollywood actor is a Frank Sinatra look alike?

I’d say he reminds me of Kevin Spacey or Billy Bob Thornton, they might be decent choices to play the old Frank Sinatra. As for who to play the young Sinatra as he’s growing up, I would think he’d go for Leo Dicaprio on that one.

I don’t care for Leo Dicaprio that much but I wouldn’t be surprised if Martin got Leo to play the young Frank.

We don’t know if Martin will have one actor to play Frank Sinatra all the way through the movie or have different ones play Frank as he’s getting older? I’ll be on the lookout for more news in the future.

Yeah, this looks like to be another Oscar nod for Martin Scorsese.


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