The Golden Globe nominations are in and they are horrible! Turn it off ’cause of “Call me By Your Name” film…

This is just terrible! The liberal politics of award shows continues to get worse every year. I’m not against homosexuality (I’m no homophobe, trust me), not against it at all but I find it wrong that the Golden Globes nominated a film called Call Me By Your Name which is a film about a full grown man who has a romantic relationship with a 17 year old boy. Before anyone gets mad, hear me out first. Sure, the legal age of consent in Italy is 14 but shouldn’t it be illegal to promote the film and release it in the US? In my opinion, I think the film industry is now trying to normalize pedophilia just by releasing it over here in the US and nominating some awards. Call Me By Your Name will probably land a lot of Oscar nominations too. I saw the trailer for the film myself and it looks like garbage anyways. I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually won an award or two.

Anyways, it’s no surprise that Hollywood would be all over a film like Call Me By Your Name since the industry has been exposed as sexual predator Hollywood (or PedoWood), so that’s all you really need to know.

On another note, I haven’t any of those films except for Get Out which is the only film I’ve seen of the Golden Globe nominations. Get Out was actually very good.. I liked it a lot despite all the liberal politics throughout the film, it was still a good horror/comedy film. That film probably won’t win a Best Picture category but I can see the film’s leading star, Daniel Kaluuya winning something ’cause that was a good performance.

The only other movie I want to see nominated is Dunkirk which I haven’t seen yet, but gonna get around to seeing that movie hopefully soon.

I’m glad to see Game of Thrones get nominated for Best TV drama ’cause I still love that show and still loyal to that show. GOT probably won’t win, though… that award will probably go to The Crown, I bet.

I probably won’t watch the Golden Globes and the Oscars in 2018 ’cause I’m done with award shows. No doubt there will be all kinds of liberal politics and President Trump bashing throughout those shows. Fuck it all.



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