Just got a new Dell computer touch screen w/ Windows 10…

Well yesterday was my 41st birthday and my family surprised me with an incredible gift. A Dell computer touch screen w/ Windows 10. It’s a combination of both a birthday/Christmas gift at the same time. I never expected a gift like this so it was quite a surprise really. My previous computer broke and was having all kinds of problems so I ended up getting a whole new computer. An even better and more fancier one! You know those fancy Dell computers you see at the stores at the mall like at Best Buy? Those kind of computers I got.

These Dell computers are made by Microsoft so it’s a Bill Gates kind of thing. These Dell computers are pretty similar to Apple Imacs a little bit. Honestly, I’m liking Microsoft a lot more than Apple. Windows 10 actually makes Apple look really bad.

On this computer, I can do apps on it like play games, do social networking and other types of software. I re-installed Mixcraft 8 DAW software on this computer so I can have my music recording software back and I’m gonna have to set up my home studio on this thing again. A touch screen computer would be pretty useful with DAW software ’cause when I have a guitar on my lap while recording, I no longer have to use the mouse to hit the record button. I can just hit the record button with my finger. Plus, doing all kinds of editing in the DAW would be much easier and quicker using touch screen.

I need a word processor so pretty soon I’m planning to buy Microsoft Office which will cost $150 but it’ll be worth it. I need a word processor ’cause I want to write song lyrics, poems, short stories and possibly even full novels too. I want to get back into writing full time. I’m also planning on getting some kind of photo shop from the Microsoft store, get video editing software so I can make video blogs and things like that.

This morning, I’ve just re-installed Spotify so I’m thinking of getting back into using Spotify again. I can use the free Spotify on this computer too. I’m thinking about subscribing to Spotify full time real soon. Maybe that’ll be the goal for 2018. For now, I’ll just stick with the free version of Spotify.

I’ll also be able to watch streaming services on Windows 10 like WWE Network and Netflix. The WWE Network streaming is shit on the PS4 so I think the streaming would play better on here. I think WWE Network live streaming for their ppvs would stream way better on here too so I think I’ll watch WWE Network on this computer from now on.

The cool thing about this computer is that it has a web cam on it so I’ll be able to do live chats with people and stuff. Maybe I’ll have to get a Skype account as well. Since this computer has a web cam now, I’ll be able to do live home performances for Facebook live video too. Do video blogs and whatever.

I’ll be able to rent movies from the Microsoft Store too so if there’s any new releases I wanna see, I can just rent them from the store and watch ’em. I usually rent movies from ITunes on my Ipad and now I can rent movies on my new Dell computer.

Windows 10 is actually very nice really. I’m very impressed with it. Definitely way better than Apple. On top of that, Apple is pretty overrated anyways.



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