Hulk Hogan deserves another chance in the WWE, come on Vince patch things up with him again!!!

Whether you like Hulk Hogan or not, either way, you have to admit that Hogan is an icon in the wrestling business. Hogan has always got a mix of love and hate over the years. Fans gave him a mix of love and hate. Even other wrestlers in the business gave him a mix of late and hate too.

I used to hate Hulk Hogan and used to think he was a piece of shit but I don’t anymore. I finally came to a realization that Hulk is not a bad man like many are trying to make him out to be. Hulk really is a good guy. I don’t see any reason to hate the man. After his whole feud with Gawker, it made me realize that Hulk was innocent over the sex tape controversy.

I would like to see Hulk Hogan make another comeback. Just admit it, we all watched wrestling on TV ’cause of Hulk Hogan. All those people who hate him out there will never admit that, though. Hogan didn’t invent professional wrestling, he just popularized it. Without Hogan, WWE wouldn’t have been here now. Without Hogan, we wouldn’t have gotten other wrestling companies such as WCW, ECW, TNA, etc. Hogan won my respect back.

With that being said, I would like to see Hogan back in WWE in some form. Whether it’ll be one more match or he could be a GM for RAW or Smackdown. Hogan was GM for TNA Impact once so he does the GM role pretty well. I used to watch Hogan a lot on TNA as well.

This weekend, I’ve started watching old WCW on the WWE Network and it’s all historic stuff. Hogan also helped made WCW pretty big. Started watching old WCW Monday Nitro and WCW ppvs. Good stuff. I love old school wrestling.

Yeah, once again Hulk deserves another chance so I hope Vince smartens up and give him one. I know Hogan and Vince had an on and off relationship over the years. Sometimes they’re on good terms and sometimes they’re not.

If Hogan had one last match who would he have his final match against? Well, Hogan said he wants his final match to be against Braun Strowman which I actually agree with. Hogan vs. Strowman sounds good to me. I also like the idea of Hogan vs. Roman Reigns.

I hope Hogan gets brought back.


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