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Will more celebs at the Oscars come out in support of Trump after the Joy Villa MAGA dress incident?

A lot of people are expecting a lot of Trump bashing at the Oscars and there probably will be but I’m thinking not all of it will be Trump bashing. After the Joy Villa MAGA dress incident at the Grammy’s, do you think more celebs will come out in support of Trump? Whether on the red carpet or during the Oscars show itself, I think a few more movie stars will come out in support of Trump. Who knows who may that be?

Mel Gibson himself seems to be a Trump supporter even though he hasn’t been vocal about it but Mel has been caught giving a dirty look when Meryl Streep was bashing Trump at the Golden Globes. Mel seemed to be disgusted with Meryl bashing Trump at the Globes. Maybe Mel will speak for his support of Trump at the Oscars this weekend, who knows?

We’ll have to wait and see what happens. I think it’ll be cool if more celebs would come out in support of Trump at the Oscars to piss off liberal Hollywood even more. That would be funny as hell!


Should celebrities and music artists stop talking about politics? After the Joy Villa MAGA dress at the Grammy’s… no they shouldn’t stop and here’s why…

Another music artist by the name of Kaya Jones who was the former singer of the all girl group the Pussycat Dolls, came out in support of Donald Trump after the Joy Villa MAGA dress thing at the Grammy’s.

I can see this becoming a growing trend. I think even more celebrities and music stars will come out in support of Trump as the 2020 election approaches which will be a good thing.


Trump supporters and a few celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg and Gene Simmons all say celebs should stop talking about politics. Should they? After thinking about it a while, I don’t think they should. Some people say that musicians should stay out of politics but musicians has been political in their songs for decades especially songwriters like Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie for the most part.

After the Joy Villa MAGA dress thing, that made me realize that celebs shouldn’t stop talking about politics ’cause that was the whole point of her wearing that dress, ya know? She wanted to spread the message that you should be able to stand up to things of what you believe in. You shouldn’t have to be afraid to speak out for your political views.

I think it’s actually an important thing for celebs to speak out about politics. If we get to then why can’t them?

Yeah, there’s a lot of celebs and Hollywood people who are very liberal but don’t believe all the hype. Many in Hollywood are very conservative and many celebs & music artists supports Donald Trump but most of them support him quietly. Why do they support him quietly? Probably for fear of public backlash and fans threatening to boycott their music & films. Things like that, ya know? Joy Villa did the MAGA dress thing so celebs shouldn’t be afraid of anything when voicing support of Trump.

After thinking about it a while, it’s actually good that celebs go political that way you can see who’s fake and see who’s real.

When I listen to music, I try my best to keep politics away from their political opinions. I support bands & music artists for the music… not for their political beliefs, ya know? When a music artist like Springsteen and Tom Morello starts ramming their beliefs down our throats that’s when I can’t support them anymore. See who’s fake and see who’s real.

The celebs coming out in support of Trump? They are real. Like I said expect this to happen a lot more after the Joy Villa thing. She’ll keep inspiring more celebs and music artists to voice their support for Trump. It’ll help the 2020 re-election for Trump. It’s what we need.

You would be surprised of how many in Hollywood and in the music industry supported Trump for the 2016 election. I’m sure there are many. Once again, they keep it quiet ’cause they’re afraid it might hurt their careers if they spoke out. Well don’t be afraid to speak out. Speak loud and speak proud. That’s the point of Joy’s message.


Thoughts on singer/songwriter, Joy Villa wearing a Trump “MAGA” dress at the Grammy’s…

This is pretty amazing and this was a very courageous thing for this beautiful woman to do. Of course, it’s pissing off all the liberals and the snowflakes. A lot of liberals on the internet going, “You right-wingers tell stars to keep politics out of music but when stars go pro-Trump, you love them for it”.

Well, music stars and celebrities showing their support for Trump publicly is not political. What they do is try to stand up for something they believe in. Not being afraid of “free speech” and staying above the negativity & hate that the left spews out all the time. This is about unity and positivity which is what Trump’s campaign was about all along.

This gorgeous woman makes me proud to be a Trump supporter even more. Yeah, people gave me a lot of shit for being a Trump supporter but this woman is inspiring me to stay above that stuff. That’s what the message she was trying to send. To rise above the haters and bullies in this world.

The liberal crybaby haters and snowflakes out there are living in a delusional fantasy world that her music career is over just because she publicly came out in support of Trump. Well, they are delusional ’cause Joy’s albums are skyrocketing.


She also gained a lot more popularity and fans. I listened to her “Vagabonds” song in youtube and it’s a pretty cool song. I’ll probably get her latest EP.

Those Trump haters and snowflakes believe that if you are pro-Trump, you lose a lot of respect and your reputation is ruined if you support Trump. No. You see, that’s what the media wants you to believe. It’s actually a good thing to support Trump

Whenever I write and release new songs, will my music life be over only because I support Trump? I predict no. It’s a possibility that even more people will listen to my music when I get new stuff out there. Maybe this is why the local music scene in Albany refuses to promote my music ’cause of my “right-wing” political beliefs as I know how left-wing this music scene is. I’ll have another blog post on this soon.

Anyway, back to Joy Villa this woman is awesome and she just got herself a new fan which is me. She has my back and full support 100%.