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Joy Villa exposed as a fake conservative and she’s also a Scientologist?

This is interesting. Joy Villa, the so-called superstar in the Trump community is in hot water right now. What is it about? Well, it seems that she has been exposed by some Trump supporters that she’s a fake supporter and she’s also a Scientologist. She has been caught supporting Bernie Sanders and saying negative things about Trump before she supposedly got on the Trump train.

Trump supporters called her out for this, yet she put out this statement on twitter and seems to have responded to it all. It’s funny how she calls it “bullying campaign” and calls it “discrimination” ’cause we called her out on being a secret Scientologist. Discrimination against people who are Scientologists, really? LMAO!

Joy Villa got herself a lot of attention in the Trump  community by wearing MAGA at the Grammy’s, and now she’s trying to get even more attention with her supposedly running for Congress. She can’t be a real conservative ’cause Scientology is pretty much for liberalism. She’s definitely a fake conservative. Just a liberal pretending to be one. She’s a pop singer and part of the industry so you can’t trust her

Yes, there are a lot of douchebags on the left, but there are also a lot of douchebags on the right-wing side too. Douchebags on both sides of the spectrum. Joy Villa tricked Trump supporters into thinking she’s authentic, but she turned out to be a fraud. I wish I never bought her music… well, no more spending my money on this woman ever again.

So Trump became president, that means there will be many douchebags trying to leech off of him and his supporters to get more fame and more attention. She’s doing a good job of that. Well, her 15 minutes of fame is just about over. Many Trump supporters have already turned on her ’cause of all this, but there are some delusional Trump supporters who are still on her side.

Ya know, you don’t have to support and agree with everything on your side. I never was like that even though I was accused of doing so. It’s about being honest and real about everything. Don’t be afraid to call things for what they are. If you’re conservative and if someone on the right is being an idiot then don’t be afraid to say so. There are some others on the Trump team that I don’t even like for example: Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson, Ann Coulter, Laura Loomer, etc. Just to name a few, they’re all scum bags.

Joy Villa is a cunt for what she did. Another one to put on the boycott list, I guess. Time to delete her albums off my Ipod then.


Turns out that Tom Cruise never got an invite to his daughter’s wedding after all…

It turns out that Tom wasn’t invited to Isabella’s wedding at all and even Nicole wasn’t invited either. Even though Nicole wasn’t invited, she went anyways but of course Nicole was allowed in. Of course, Nicole is her mother she had to be allowed in!

Tom knew about the wedding but it seems that he isn’t happy that he didn’t get invited.



So I take it that Tom isn’t getting along too well with Isabella and that’s why they don’t want him there?

Don’t expect Tom to get into details about this during his interviews ’cause he never liked to talk about his personal life. In interviews, he only liked to talk about his film career and that’s it.

He probably could have gone to the wedding if he wanted to but he probably didn’t want to create a scene. You know, start drama and stuff. He wanted his daughter to have a happy wedding so he let her have it. They’re just probably afraid of how Tom would react since Max isn’t a Scientologist.

In my opinion, there should have been nothing for them to worry about ’cause from what I see, Tom is a pretty cool and humble guy. I’m sure Tom would have been cool with Max. He wouldn’t have done anything to hurt Isabella.