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Just watched “The Northman” movie last night on Peacock, badass movie… definitely one of the best movies of this year…

Well I wanted to see “The Northman” in theater but never got around to it so now that I learned that the movie is streaming on Peacock this weekend, I decided to watch it on there.

It’s a badass movie, though. I love Viking stories so I had to watch this one. This movie is definitely recommended as stated above in my Instagram review.

Nicole Kidman has always been one of my favorite actresses and she still got it. This is one of her best roles too. It’s a Viking movie with an all star cast and they all did a great job. Amleth (played by Alexander Skarsgard) is a badass character. I loved Bjork’s appearance even though she had a small role.

I was blown away with the cinematography and camera work, though. Very impressive. Robert Eggers is definitely one of the best directors for sure and he’s a young guy too. He’s just 38 years old.

If you want to watch “The Northman” it’s streaming completely FREE on Peacock, don’t have to pay for it at all. Just download the app and you’re good to go. It’s recommended checking out.

So far “The Northman” and “The Batman” are the two best movies this year. I haven’t “Top Gun: Maverick” yet but gonna get around to that one hopefully soon.

“The Northman” is a badass flick. Check it out.


Finally, a celeb with an actual brain… thank you Nicole Kidman!

Is Nicole Kidman talking to all the Trump haters out there? Seems like she is. She says it’s time for all Americans to accept Trump and support him as president… meaning that you should support him whether you like him or not which is so true.

Nicole Kidman Says It’s Time to Support Donald Trump

Anyway, she refuses to say whether she voted for him or not but that’s good. She’s trying to keep politics away from her film career which is smart of her to do unlike most celebs these days who constantly ram their liberal politics down our throats. Nicole is smart to leave politics out of things.

I love how Nicole’s comments are driving the liberal Trump haters insane, though. They’re bashing the hell out of her and saying things like “She’s Australian so why would she care?”. Yes, she’s from Australia but she’s also a “legal” American citizen. She has lived in America for most of her life. Legal immigrants has every right to speak their thoughts about their country like we all do. It’s funny, ya know… liberals think it’s wrong for conservatives to hate on “illegal” aliens and thinks it’s racist but liberals are hating on those immigrants who are here “legally”. Isn’t that kind of racist too?

Anyways, Nicole makes a lot of sense and I agree with her. She’s someone with an actual brain unlike that idiot Meryl Streep.

Trump won the election 4 times and the haters still can’t accept it. Those Trump haters are the most childish and uneducated people I’ve ever seen. Their opinions always so one-sided, brainwashed by the media.


Turns out that Tom Cruise never got an invite to his daughter’s wedding after all…

It turns out that Tom wasn’t invited to Isabella’s wedding at all and even Nicole wasn’t invited either. Even though Nicole wasn’t invited, she went anyways but of course Nicole was allowed in. Of course, Nicole is her mother she had to be allowed in!

Tom knew about the wedding but it seems that he isn’t happy that he didn’t get invited.



So I take it that Tom isn’t getting along too well with Isabella and that’s why they don’t want him there?

Don’t expect Tom to get into details about this during his interviews ’cause he never liked to talk about his personal life. In interviews, he only liked to talk about his film career and that’s it.

He probably could have gone to the wedding if he wanted to but he probably didn’t want to create a scene. You know, start drama and stuff. He wanted his daughter to have a happy wedding so he let her have it. They’re just probably afraid of how Tom would react since Max isn’t a Scientologist.

In my opinion, there should have been nothing for them to worry about ’cause from what I see, Tom is a pretty cool and humble guy. I’m sure Tom would have been cool with Max. He wouldn’t have done anything to hurt Isabella.


Tom Cruise a no-show for daughter’s wedding in London, my take on why?

Tom Cruise’s daughter whose name is Isabella just got married in a secret wedding in London. Nicole Kidman was in attendance but Tom wasn’t. Isabella’s adoptive brother, Connor wasn’t there either.


My take on why Tom didn’t show… it’s either he was too busy filming a movie and couldn’t make it or no one told him about the wedding and wasn’t invited. A secret wedding, ya know? I’m sure he would have been there if he would have been told about it or wasn’t busy with his career. I’d say he was probably off filming a movie.


Nicole Kidman hit by a photographer on a bicycle…

Nicole Kidman has been hit by a photographer on a bicycle as she was just heading back to her hotel room in New York City. I watched the video and it was a pretty nasty hit. The photog flew down on his bike pretty fast too.

Something needs to be done about the paparazzi ’cause they are getting way out of hand. Yes, celebs have had a problem with the paparazzi for many years but in this day and age, it has gotten a lot worse. While the paparazzi are pathetic losers who need to find a real job… there is nothing you can do about them. Why? Because these are public places and the 1st Amendment gives them the freedom to do these things. There are still ways to get rid of the paparazzi forever, though. I think the government needs to make tougher laws where it makes it illegal to take photos of celebs without their permission.

Celebrities definitely do deserve their space when they are out and about. They deserve to be treated like everyone else and be a part of this world. They deserve more freedom when being out in public more.

I love Nicole Kidman. She’s one of my favorite actresses. Glad she’s okay though and it’s a good thing she didn’t get injured… she could have.


Report: Nicolas Cage is STILL ON for Schumacher’s “Trespass”!!!

Turns out that Nicolas Cage really did drop out of “Trespass” for a vacation to the Bahamas. While there, he must of felt guilty about it and went back to return to the film like he was casted before. Yep, so Cage is indeed, still on for the role.

Deadline reports:



Report: Nicolas Cage pulls out of Joel Schumacher’s “Trespass” for a vacation to the Bahamas…

Nicolas Cage is once again sparking some controversy online, with a bit of news that he might of pulled out of Joel Schumacher’s “Trespass” to go to a vacation to the Bahamas instead. He was supposed to star alongside, Nicole Kidman.

Now before anyone accuses Nic of being an asshole for this, maybe he didn’t pull out at all. Maybe they were negotiating with contracts and money, things must of gotten screwed up all of a sudden? Don’t blame Nic for this ’cause he is a professional. He’s been doing Hollywood for over 20 years. I think he knows the business long enough that he knows how to be professional.

If he really did pull out of this movie for the Bahamas instead, hey, it’s America. People do whatever makes them happy. If he wanted a vacation, I can’t blame him, ’cause this man is a hard working actor. He works film after film, non stop. I don’t think he ever took a break. So he needs a much well deserved break in the Bahamas. He’s a rich man, he can do whatever he wants.

Plus, Joel Schumacher is a shit director. The only good movie Schumacher did was, “Phone Booth”. I’m sure Nic himself will speak out on this soon.

Deadline reports:



Report: Nicole Kidman joins Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in “Just Go With It”…

In Adam Sandler comedies, it is no secret that pretty much all of his films have cameos with other celebrities. Nicole Kidman, never had a cameo in a Adam Sandler flick, and now she will finally get one. Nicole is set to star in “Just Go With It”, for a small role. Not too small but maybe a 15-20 minute scene. Her character is being kept underwraps but her role is supposed to be very comedic, similar to the likes of Tom Cruises’s character, Les Grossman in “Tropic Thunder”. The film will also star Jennifer Aniston which she is part of the lead.

More on it here:


Hope this won’t be another flop for Nicole. She’s one of my favorite actresses too. I wish she would do another serious drama which is what she is best at. She’s been doing terrible films as of late.


BREAKING NEWS: Nicole Kidman drops out of Woody Allen film…

Actress Nicole Kidman was attached to star in Woody Allen’s next untitled film, but not anymore. Nicole has pulled out of the film with this article not explaining any reason why. There will be a replacement for her character though.

Variety Reports:


I’m sure Nicole herself will explain why she pulled out soon once this news hits the web hard enough. Maybe she’s finally being careful on choosing her movies. She probably figures this film could be a bomber and she doesn’t want to fail in anymore films like she has done so many times in the past.


Report: Nicole Kidman joins Woody Allen’s next film…

Nicole Kidman has joined the cast of Woody Allen’s next untitled film. She will star alongside other cast mates such as Antonio Banderas, Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins, Freida Pinto, and Naomi Watts. This also makes the second time that Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins will star in a film together, as they teamed up in the film, “The Human Stain” released in 2003.

Variety Reports: