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Report: Nicolas Cage pulls out of Joel Schumacher’s “Trespass” for a vacation to the Bahamas…

Nicolas Cage is once again sparking some controversy online, with a bit of news that he might of pulled out of Joel Schumacher’s “Trespass” to go to a vacation to the Bahamas instead. He was supposed to star alongside, Nicole Kidman.

Now before anyone accuses Nic of being an asshole for this, maybe he didn’t pull out at all. Maybe they were negotiating with contracts and money, things must of gotten screwed up all of a sudden? Don’t blame Nic for this ’cause he is a professional. He’s been doing Hollywood for over 20 years. I think he knows the business long enough that he knows how to be professional.

If he really did pull out of this movie for the Bahamas instead, hey, it’s America. People do whatever makes them happy. If he wanted a vacation, I can’t blame him, ’cause this man is a hard working actor. He works film after film, non stop. I don’t think he ever took a break. So he needs a much well deserved break in the Bahamas. He’s a rich man, he can do whatever he wants.

Plus, Joel Schumacher is a shit director. The only good movie Schumacher did was, “Phone Booth”. I’m sure Nic himself will speak out on this soon.

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