Nicole Kidman hit by a photographer on a bicycle…

Nicole Kidman has been hit by a photographer on a bicycle as she was just heading back to her hotel room in New York City. I watched the video and it was a pretty nasty hit. The photog flew down on his bike pretty fast too.

Something needs to be done about the paparazzi ’cause they are getting way out of hand. Yes, celebs have had a problem with the paparazzi for many years but in this day and age, it has gotten a lot worse. While the paparazzi are pathetic losers who need to find a real job… there is nothing you can do about them. Why? Because these are public places and the 1st Amendment gives them the freedom to do these things. There are still ways to get rid of the paparazzi forever, though. I think the government needs to make tougher laws where it makes it illegal to take photos of celebs without their permission.

Celebrities definitely do deserve their space when they are out and about. They deserve to be treated like everyone else and be a part of this world. They deserve more freedom when being out in public more.

I love Nicole Kidman. She’s one of my favorite actresses. Glad she’s okay though and it’s a good thing she didn’t get injured… she could have.


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