Be careful with Vladimir Putin all, that guy is not to be trusted…

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president maybe trying to play peacemaker in this whole “United States vs. Syria” drama but you gotta be careful not to trust President Putin this quick. While it may seem pretty cool that he’s doing a good thing, I wouldn’t trust him. Vladimir Putin can be just as shady and evil. Putin and Obama are both very much alike. Vladimir Putin runs a corrupt government in Russia just as well. Why you shouldn’t trust Vladimir Putin this soon? Well for a couple of reasons… 1) This could be Putin’s way of saying, “Hey Syria, hand over those chemical weapons” 2) He could be playing peacemaker for his own political power and to help boost his ego.

Don’t know much about Vladimir Putin? Do your google research. Read his online biographies and you would see that Putin is no different than Obama. In fact, Putin is a lot worse. Vladimir Putin has a past of murder, he destroyed the Russian economy and many other crazy things. Even though a lot of people know that Putin is a bad guy as well — it’s understandable how people would think Obama is making Putin look like an angel.

Would Putin be successful at stopping Obama from attacking Syria? I wouldn’t be surprised ’cause whatever Putin wants, he gets. I mean, he threw the Pussy Riot girls in jail ’cause that’s what he wanted. Putin is a pretty powerful guy. I think there is a pretty good reason why Putin doesn’t want the US involved in Syria. It isn’t because Putin cares for the US (’cause I know he doesn’t). It isn’t because he wants to help us. It has something to do with Russian politics and their country. Kind of hard to explain but I think you’ll get where I’m getting at.

It’s a fact that Obama and Putin hate each others guts, though. Obama backing out from meeting him again is just proof of that. If Vladimir Putin is successful at stopping the US government from attacking Syria, then I’ll guess he will get my full support and respect. Just don’t trust President Putin this soon. You never know what Putin has planned.


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