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It’s real sad that the left have attacked Chris Kyle, where was all this criticism when he was alive???

I’m real disappointed of all the left-wing criticism and lies that are targeting Navy Seal Chris Kyle. Loudmouth celebrities such as Michael Moore and Seth Rogen started making all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories about, Chris Kyle and liberals have sided with them. Liberals have also sided with Jesse Ventura when he successfully won that lawsuit against Kyle’s wife/widow, Taya.

Then after all this, Chris got even more negative criticism such as this bullshit article here:


It’s real sad that America have to attack and slander a war hero who is not even alive…. and not one person has any proof of their claims of what they said Chris Kyle really was. My question is, where was all this criticism and slanderous attacks before Chris Kyle was killed in 2013???

And just so you know, just because Ventura successfully won that lawsuit doesn’t make him the good guy and doesn’t make him in the right. Ventura could have done that just to make more money. He knows he would have lost the lawsuit if Chris Kyle was alive.

I wish Chris Kyle didn’t die ’cause if he was still alive, you can very well believe that he would defend himself and all of this criticism he’s getting right now wouldn’t have been going on. If he was alive then Jesse Ventura wouldn’t have won that ridiculous lawsuit.

Ask yourself this, where was all this criticism and slanderous attacks when he was alive? There wasn’t any from what I remember. Not until this movie came out.

If you haven’t fought in wars, then you shouldn’t slander the guy.

I wish Taya would grow a spine and get her lawyers after idiots like Michael Moore, Seth Rogen and liberal news outlets who slandered him. She should sue them all. If he was still alive, I’m sure he wouldn’t be getting these slanderous attacks. People are slandering and attacking Chris Kyle now that he’s dead ’cause they’re all cowards… that’s why.

The way libtards are treating Chris Kyle are just more reasons to hate liberalism. Liberals like to call conservatives “conspiracy theorists” over things like Benghazi and all that stuff — well libtards are being “conspiracy theorists” right now over Chris Kyle. Hypocrites. All of them.


Of course, the White House refuses to respond to North Korea’s internet outage… no surprise there…

When was the last fucking time the White House responded to something? I’m not surprised that the White House is silent on North Korea internet outage just like they’re silent on all the controversies, crimes and scandals that surrounds them. Have the White House responded to Benghazi? Operation F&F? Obamacare? IRS? NSA? The Bergdahl prisoner swap? The V.A. Scandal? This long is too long. No, they haven’t responded to anything.

The North Korea spokesperson  does have a point that they should show proof before pointing fingers and they also have a pretty good point on what would happen if they made a similar movie about Barack Obama.


So I’m hearing that “The Interview” is getting some pretty negative reviews mostly and that doesn’t surprise me either. I probably won’t bother watching it at all, then.


If it weren’t for the hackers, “The Interview” would have been a huge hit…

“The Interview” made $1 million when it showed in a few theaters on Christmas Day which is actually pretty impressive! If the hackers never threatened Sony and the release of the movie, I’m sure the film would have played everywhere on Christmas Day and the film would have been a huge hit! Instead, Angelina Jolie’s WWII flick, “Unbroken” takes the box office draw on Christmas Day.


With all of this going on, I have grown some interest in wanting to see the film myself. I won’t pay to see it… I’ll just wait for it to get on Netflix streaming ’cause you know it’s gonna make it’s way there pretty soon.

I never really liked James Franco or Seth Rogen. Like I said there were only a few good films that Franco was good in like, “127 Hours” and the first “Planet of the Apes” movie. I never really liked Seth Rogen either although, I’ll admit his take on the “Green Hornet” was actually pretty good.

I’m planning on seeing Angie’s WWII film, “Unbroken” tomorrow, btw, and looking forward to that one.


“The Interview” to be streamed online today…

“The Interview” will be streamed online today as a rental at different streaming sites such as youtube, Google Play, Xbox, and others.


I’m almost pretty sure that “The Interview” could be on it’s way to Netflix streaming at some point. I’ll wait for it to get on Netflix streaming and then I’ll see it. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a funny movie after all???


Sony to show “The Interview” in selected theaters on Christmas Day after all!!! Was this a publicity stunt to help promote the film?

This is now the most talked about movie… Obama helped make that happen. “The Interview” to be shown in selected theaters on Christmas Day for now but I’m sure the film will be played in theaters everywhere in Jan. maybe. Was all this stuff going on between Obama vs. North Korea all a fake publicity stunt to help promote the film? I’d say yes and they were successful. They now got a lot of people interested in the movie.


Just watch all the Sony hackings and leaked e-mails to simmer down and watch all of these “Guardians Of Peace” threats to disappear.

Will a terrorist attack happen at those few theaters showing, “The Interview” on Christmas Day? I don’t think so but still ya never know.

Keep in mind that Seth Rogen and James Franco are comedians. They could have been behind the creative writing team of “Guardians of Peace” hackers as a way to hype up the movie… they could have came up with the whole Sony hacking thing.


North Korea’s internet shutting down further proves that the White House is capable of anything when it comes to technology…

I do know that the North Korean government only has internet access… other people in N.K. can use it too but for government purpose only. Therefor, I do know that only very few people in N.K. can use the internet like I’m pretty sure Kim Jong-un is allowed internet access, of course.


The White House shutting down the N.K. internet further proves that the White House is capable of doing anything with technology under this administration. Um, hello… the hacking of news journalists: Sharyl Attkisson, James Rosen, James Risen, etc. All the spying through the NSA and cell phones.

All this shows that it definitely maybe possible that Barack maybe behind all the Sony hackings too.

Come on, Barack, is the best you can do? You’re not fooling anyone, dude!!! I’m not siding with anybody on any of this but all I’m trying to point out is that this administration is capable of anything with today’s technology. Trying to call out Barack’s hypocrisy on all this censorship stuff and trying to make a point that he can do anything with technology.

I know Obama himself doesn’t do these hackings but I’m almost positive that he’s hiring computer experts to do this stuff for him.


I wouldn’t be surprised that Obama maybe behind the making of “The Interview”…

There was a lot of rumors and speculation that Obama may have been behind the production of the “Innocence of Muslims” video, the one that was blamed on the Benghazi attack so N.K. might be on to something here.

I’m not siding with N.K. but don’t be surprised if it turns out that Obama was the one who contacted Sony to get “The Interview” made. Obama and Kim Jong-un have been feuding for a long while now… long before this was going on. We all know we haven’t been getting along with N.K. for years. Did Obama get Seth Rogen and James Flacco together to make this film? Who knows!!!

I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama is behind the making of this film ’cause it was an opportunity to make Kim Jong-un look bad. It’s also an opportunity for Obama to look like a hero to combat “censorship” before his presidency goes out in 2016.



Sony didn’t cave-in to terrorists, “The Interview” was only delayed, not cancelled…

Everyone’s accusing Sony of “caving-in” to terrorists. Accusing the company of giving up and cowarding out. I don’t see how Sony are. People are acting like Sony cancelled the release but they never did. It was only delayed.

They said the movie is still gonna be distributed. Will it still be shown in theaters? Will it be a video-on-demand release, Netflix exclusive or direct to DVD/BluRay? Any of those are possible.

In my opinion, they didn’t cave-in to the bad guys at all. They just care for their customers and was worried about their safety. That was all.



North Korea denies involvement in Sony hack and I believe them!!!

Like I said before, the last thing you wanna do is believe everything that comes out of our US government and Obama’s mouth about North Korea being involved. I knew they couldn’t be involved and I believe North Korea couldn’t have done something like this. This doesn’t seem like Kim Jong-Un’s style.

Remember, anything coming out of the White House or Obama himself is probably a lie.

Truthfully, you would never find out who the hackers are like I said and when the US government are pointing fingers without any real proof, then there’s gotta be something fishy going on here. Remember, the hackings is something that the NSA is capable of doing and the Obama administration are capable of this too since they hacked the computers of news journalists and spying on Americans.

When the Obama administration appears to be protective for Americans over the Sony hackings, you gotta watch out for that and they aren’t to be trusted. Chances are they are lying about “something”. Doing their usual “stonewalling” over something that they are trying to cover-up. Isn’t it kind of strange that this administration are protective over Americans in the Sony hackings yet they continue to target Conservatives through the IRS and spy on Americans through the NSA??? What is wrong with this picture here?

This is why I believe that the hackings and the Guardians of Peace threats was a US government inside-job.


There’s no doubt in my mind that this administration is behind all of this. It’s unbelievable how America was quick into believing that North Korea is behind all of this just because the US government said so.


Why Obama and the White House shouldn’t be talking about the Sony hacking…

Yes, we all should be able to go to the movies; however, Obama shouldn’t be talking about all the Sony hackings that’s been going on. The Obama administration appears to be very protective of Americans over the Sony hackings all of a sudden. It’s just messed up and it makes them look like hypocrites. They shouldn’t be talking about the Sony hackings when they have had their share of doing some hackings themselves. Like hacking Sharyl Attkisson, James Rosen and other journalists. Also spying on Americans through the NSA and wiretapping Associated Press reporters. They seem to be against this hacking when they have done some hacking, themselves, ya know???

North Korea is still being blamed for this but I’m not gonna believe that North Korea was responsible until I see the actual proof and hard evidence but so far the US government have showed us none.

The NSA claims to be spying on Americans due to counter-terrorism but they aren’t doing a good job if Guardians of Peace are threatening us. So yeah, like one reader said on here, “Where’s the NSA”???

This is part of why I believe it’s possible that this administration are the “Guardians of Peace”.

I find it funny how everyone are saying that Sony shouldn’t bow down to terrorists. My question is, where was the respect for Sony when they ignored Kim Jong-un’s request not to release the film from the very beginning? I didn’t see any.

And I’m still gonna believe that Sony and the other movie theaters pulling the movie is the right thing to do for our safety and well-being. I can’t blame them at all.