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Sony to show “The Interview” in selected theaters on Christmas Day after all!!! Was this a publicity stunt to help promote the film?

This is now the most talked about movie… Obama helped make that happen. “The Interview” to be shown in selected theaters on Christmas Day for now but I’m sure the film will be played in theaters everywhere in Jan. maybe. Was all this stuff going on between Obama vs. North Korea all a fake publicity stunt to help promote the film? I’d say yes and they were successful. They now got a lot of people interested in the movie.


Just watch all the Sony hackings and leaked e-mails to simmer down and watch all of these “Guardians Of Peace” threats to disappear.

Will a terrorist attack happen at those few theaters showing, “The Interview” on Christmas Day? I don’t think so but still ya never know.

Keep in mind that Seth Rogen and James Franco are comedians. They could have been behind the creative writing team of “Guardians of Peace” hackers as a way to hype up the movie… they could have came up with the whole Sony hacking thing.


More examples of Obama’s hypocrisy when he opposed Sony’s hack attack…

Want more examples of Obama’s hypocrisy when he opposes Sony’s hack attack? Last time I checked, Obama supported censorship when he blamed Benghazi over that Muslim youtube video, “Innocence Of Muslims”. Obama supported censorship when he forced Lara Logan to apologize for “Benghazi” report on CBS. Obama supported censorship when he hacked into Sharyl Attkisson’s computers when she did stories on “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F”. Obama was all for censorship by keeping “conservative” news reports off the mainstream media and kept off stories that would put him in a bad light. Obama wants to regulate the internet with the FCC. Hacking news reporters like James Rosen and James Risen, wiretapping A.P. news reporters. All that censorship. Obama continuously attacks FOX News when they attack him… that’s censorship. Obama attacks Republicans for calling out his bad policies and his imperial presidency, that’s censorship. Obama have inspired liberals in America to silence conservatives in America for calling him out… censorship.

Obama shouldn’t be talking censorship when he had a huge hand in censoring America himself. Obama a big hypocrite like usual so nothing to see here.


Are movie theaters around the US doing the right thing cancelling “The Interview” due to Guardians of Peace threats???

Many theaters across the US are cancelling the Christmas Day opening of the controversial comedy film, “The Interview”… even the local movie theaters of Bowtie Cinemas in the Capital District are cancelling it too. Are movie theaters doing the right thing or are they cowards for letting the so-called, “terrorists” win?

I would have to say that movie theaters are doing the right thing. A threat like that should be taken very seriously. The Guardians Of Peace may or may not be “real” terrorists but ya never know. It’s a good idea to cancel the film’s opening release date just in case ’cause you never know that if you go to the theaters there could be bombs all over the theaters in America.

While it doesn’t look like a good movie anyways, it’s the best thing to do to take these threats very seriously. It’s a good idea ’cause I would do the same thing if I owned a movie theater.

You just never know if bombs were planted all over the theaters or someone could walk in with a suicide vest or a plane flies over and drops missiles on a theater. Any of that can happen.

I wouldn’t want to go to a movie theater that day when all of this is going on.

I will still see “The Interview” though, just not in theater. I’ll wait for rental on that one.


As I predicted, hackers will leak the “Ghostbusters” re-boot plot and they did exactly that… plot sounds awful, though!!!

Like I said, it was only a matter of time that the hackers were planning to leak the plot of “Ghostbusters 3” and they just did exactly that. The plot sounds awful, though. What the next one is about, the focus will be on a convicted murderer who have just been executed and then he turns into a ghost. The ghost who is the main villain will be played by “Game of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) and he has the power to create an army of ghosts which could be made up of famous villains throughout history. The new “Ghostbusters” team will feature 4 new women who will try to save New York City from getting terrorized by these new ghosts.


I can see why Bill Murray kept turning it down… ’cause the plot sounds horrible, in my opinion.

I smell a box office bomber here. Nobody would see a Ghostbusters movie without the original 4: Bill, Dan, Ernie and Harold.

Dan is probably gonna be in the new movie in some form. We all know Harold and Bill won’t be in it. I don’t know about Ernie, though.

I don’t want to see a “Ghostbusters” film full of CGI. Keep in mind now that when “Ghostbusters I and II” were made, there was no CGI technology at the time. They found other ways to make the ghosts. I’ll stick with the first “Ghostbusters” movie, thank you.