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Thoughts about the historic President Trump and Kim Jong Un meeting agreement… it’s just amazing, really…

This is a pretty historic week for President Trump and the United States of America. As you probably heard by now the South Korean security adviser announced that Kim Jong Un says he will refrain from any further nuclear and missile tests. Not only that, South Korea announced the big news that President Trump has agreed to meet with Kim Jong Un the man himself sometime by May of 2018. It seems that Kim Jong Un is all game for meeting President Trump in person. Trump wants to speak with Kim in hopes of denuclearization.

After this announcement was made, it seems that other countries such as China, Russia and South Korea are all for this meeting to happen so that’s good news.


Ya know, it’s funny. After Trump’s nuclear button tweet, liberals freaked and said Trump is gonna get us all killed and start World War III. Well I’m sure libtards are upset ’cause neither of those are gonna happen. Donald and Kim are gonna get together for hopeful peace talks. Will President Trump be successful at getting peace with North Korea? Yes, I predict Trump would be successful ’cause why? Trump is one of the best negotiators out there. That’s a huge part of why we all elected Trump ’cause Trump is the master at negotiation with people. Read his book, “The Art of the Deal”. If you read that book… the book is all about negotiation and winning. Trump will do exactly that with Kim Jong-un. If Trump can do that, it would make Trump the best president in history and liberals in America will have to admit that as well. Liberals are already starting to admit it.

My question is will Trump have to travel to North Korea to meet Kim or will Kim have to travel to the United States to meet Trump at the White House? We’ll find out real soon, though. They gotta figure something out.  I predict Trump will end up travelling to North Korea. Trump will probably have to go to Pyongyang where the North Korea government is and where Kim spends most of his time at.

This is also an automatic re-election for Trump and there’s a Nobel Peace Prize possibility. I think one day liberals will have to get forced to admit that Trump is a great leader, give it time. Liberals are still hating, yes but at some point they will have to get forced to admit Trump is doing good things for America. It’s gonna piss them off yes but they’ll have no choice to admit it. They can’t thank Obama for this one and they know it too.

Trump is doing a fantastic job and I’m so impressed with the man. I never regretted my Trump vote at all and will proudly vote for him again in 2020.


Thoughts on Trump’s Nuclear button tweet… I think it’s funny but I hope Trump does drop bombs on Fat Boy Kim… fuck him…

Fat Boy Kim or Rocket Man or whatever you want to call him said that America should watch it ’cause he has a nuclear button on his desk and he can use it at anytime he pleases. Well, President Trump just tweeted a response to Fat Boy Kim and says he has a much bigger nuclear button.

Of course, Trump’s nuclear button tweet sparked a lot of controversy and outrage by the left and even some so-called Trump supporters are mad at Trump for this tweet. Sure, anti-Trumpers may find it entertaining that Fat Boy Kim calling out Trump all the time and Kim may have been getting a lot of support ’cause of it, but do anti-Trumpers realize they’re supporting an evil dictator? Fat Boy Kim is not innocent and no sweetheart as he looks. The man is very evil and very dangerous. Fat Boy Kim is a madman. This is a guy who wants to drop bombs on us and wipe the USA off the map. That’s what Kim’s nuclear tests are all about. Some don’t want Fat Boy Kim to die? Really? They think Trump is evil for that tweet?

I sure hope Trump drops bombs on Fat Boy Kim. I could care less. The man deserves it. Fat Boy Kim is a man who kills his own people in North Korea.

Some may say that Trump doesn’t have the power and authority to drop bombs but of course he does. Trump just dropped the Mother of all Bombs on Afghanistan last year for to help destroy Isis and Trump dropped bombs on Syria too for gassing their own people. Trump is the president and commander in chief. He has the power and authority to drop bombs on anybody and anything he pleases as his job is to make sure America is safe and protected.

I loved that tweet. While it was funny, it was a pretty serious response and it’s no joke. Fat Boy Kim is evil and dangerous. I could careless if Trump drops bombs on him. I could careless if Trump decides to wipe North Korea off the map as well.

North Korea wants to threaten the USA, how else do you want us to respond? We’re not gonna sit back and smile that’s for sure. We finally have a tough president who doesn’t take any shit from other countries who hate us. I’m glad Hillary or Bernie isn’t our president. They would have handled the North Korea threats differently. They probably would have sat back and said nothing.


We finally have a president who’s aggressive at our enemies… this is what we elected him for!

For many years, we’ve dealt with weak presidents who were horrible at responding to enemies when they threaten us or other countries. When was the last time you heard a president who was aggressive at our enemies? We had presidents who either sat back and did nothing or saying weak  things like,  “Cut it out”.

Fat Boy Kim wants to be a tough guy and threaten a tiny little island, well it’s time for Trump  to be a tough guy back. Some  of you may ask why would Trump want to save Guam? Well, Guam is a huge ally for the United States… kind of like Israel is a huge ally for us.  Guam is a US territory which means we’re a part of them, we’re in control of that little island.


I’m tired of our country having weak leaders. We finally have a president who acts “tough”. Fat Boy Kim needs to realize that Obama isn’t running the US now. Just another idiot who thinks the US have a weak leader. To other countries that hate us like North Korea, Iran, etc. — listen up, there’s a new Sheriff in town so take note, y’all.

I  love Trump’s “fire and fury” comments; it scared the hell out of people and when people get scared, you know he’s doing something right. We’ve had weak leaders for decades and yes George W. Bush was pretty weak at responding to 9/11… oh yes he was, I won’t deny it.

I would say it’s finally time to take out Fatboy Kim. That man is very dangerous and evil. I hope Trump drop bombs on him, fuck him for all I care.


Of course, the White House refuses to respond to North Korea’s internet outage… no surprise there…

When was the last fucking time the White House responded to something? I’m not surprised that the White House is silent on North Korea internet outage just like they’re silent on all the controversies, crimes and scandals that surrounds them. Have the White House responded to Benghazi? Operation F&F? Obamacare? IRS? NSA? The Bergdahl prisoner swap? The V.A. Scandal? This long is too long. No, they haven’t responded to anything.

The North Korea spokesperson  does have a point that they should show proof before pointing fingers and they also have a pretty good point on what would happen if they made a similar movie about Barack Obama.


So I’m hearing that “The Interview” is getting some pretty negative reviews mostly and that doesn’t surprise me either. I probably won’t bother watching it at all, then.


If it weren’t for the hackers, “The Interview” would have been a huge hit…

“The Interview” made $1 million when it showed in a few theaters on Christmas Day which is actually pretty impressive! If the hackers never threatened Sony and the release of the movie, I’m sure the film would have played everywhere on Christmas Day and the film would have been a huge hit! Instead, Angelina Jolie’s WWII flick, “Unbroken” takes the box office draw on Christmas Day.


With all of this going on, I have grown some interest in wanting to see the film myself. I won’t pay to see it… I’ll just wait for it to get on Netflix streaming ’cause you know it’s gonna make it’s way there pretty soon.

I never really liked James Franco or Seth Rogen. Like I said there were only a few good films that Franco was good in like, “127 Hours” and the first “Planet of the Apes” movie. I never really liked Seth Rogen either although, I’ll admit his take on the “Green Hornet” was actually pretty good.

I’m planning on seeing Angie’s WWII film, “Unbroken” tomorrow, btw, and looking forward to that one.


“The Interview” to be streamed online today…

“The Interview” will be streamed online today as a rental at different streaming sites such as youtube, Google Play, Xbox, and others.


I’m almost pretty sure that “The Interview” could be on it’s way to Netflix streaming at some point. I’ll wait for it to get on Netflix streaming and then I’ll see it. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a funny movie after all???


Sony to show “The Interview” in selected theaters on Christmas Day after all!!! Was this a publicity stunt to help promote the film?

This is now the most talked about movie… Obama helped make that happen. “The Interview” to be shown in selected theaters on Christmas Day for now but I’m sure the film will be played in theaters everywhere in Jan. maybe. Was all this stuff going on between Obama vs. North Korea all a fake publicity stunt to help promote the film? I’d say yes and they were successful. They now got a lot of people interested in the movie.


Just watch all the Sony hackings and leaked e-mails to simmer down and watch all of these “Guardians Of Peace” threats to disappear.

Will a terrorist attack happen at those few theaters showing, “The Interview” on Christmas Day? I don’t think so but still ya never know.

Keep in mind that Seth Rogen and James Franco are comedians. They could have been behind the creative writing team of “Guardians of Peace” hackers as a way to hype up the movie… they could have came up with the whole Sony hacking thing.