Thoughts on Trump’s Nuclear button tweet… I think it’s funny but I hope Trump does drop bombs on Fat Boy Kim… fuck him…

Fat Boy Kim or Rocket Man or whatever you want to call him said that America should watch it ’cause he has a nuclear button on his desk and he can use it at anytime he pleases. Well, President Trump just tweeted a response to Fat Boy Kim and says he has a much bigger nuclear button.

Of course, Trump’s nuclear button tweet sparked a lot of controversy and outrage by the left and even some so-called Trump supporters are mad at Trump for this tweet. Sure, anti-Trumpers may find it entertaining that Fat Boy Kim calling out Trump all the time and Kim may have been getting a lot of support ’cause of it, but do anti-Trumpers realize they’re supporting an evil dictator? Fat Boy Kim is not innocent and no sweetheart as he looks. The man is very evil and very dangerous. Fat Boy Kim is a madman. This is a guy who wants to drop bombs on us and wipe the USA off the map. That’s what Kim’s nuclear tests are all about. Some don’t want Fat Boy Kim to die? Really? They think Trump is evil for that tweet?

I sure hope Trump drops bombs on Fat Boy Kim. I could care less. The man deserves it. Fat Boy Kim is a man who kills his own people in North Korea.

Some may say that Trump doesn’t have the power and authority to drop bombs but of course he does. Trump just dropped the Mother of all Bombs on Afghanistan last year for to help destroy Isis and Trump dropped bombs on Syria too for gassing their own people. Trump is the president and commander in chief. He has the power and authority to drop bombs on anybody and anything he pleases as his job is to make sure America is safe and protected.

I loved that tweet. While it was funny, it was a pretty serious response and it’s no joke. Fat Boy Kim is evil and dangerous. I could careless if Trump drops bombs on him. I could careless if Trump decides to wipe North Korea off the map as well.

North Korea wants to threaten the USA, how else do you want us to respond? We’re not gonna sit back and smile that’s for sure. We finally have a tough president who doesn’t take any shit from other countries who hate us. I’m glad Hillary or Bernie isn’t our president. They would have handled the North Korea threats differently. They probably would have sat back and said nothing.


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