The Brock’s Top 10 Films of 2017…

Admittedly I didn’t do Top Lists of Best Films for 2016 last year… guess I forgot and never cared. Well, I’ll do it this year but this time I’ll go back down to Top 10 instead of 15 ’cause 15 is a lot of work for me. I’ll do just 10 choices from now on.

Anyways, here are my top 10 choices for Best Films of 2017… enjoy…

10. Blade Runner 2049 – I was very excited for this movie when this film was first announced by Ridley Scott. The film is finally here. A very good film. It’s almost 3 hrs. long but it’s still a very good sci-fi movie. Very good acting. Very good story. This film definitely deserves to be in the Top 10. Ryan Gosling and Ford was a very entertaining team up. There’s probably gonna be a third Blade Runner too.

9. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Way better than the first and I still need to add this movie to my Blu-Ray collection. I thought Dave Bautista’s character stole the show, though. Also gotta love Sylvester Stallone’s appearance in this film even though it was short. I’m a huge Guardians fan. Best in the Marvel universe.

8. The Dark Tower – Hollywood has been trying to make the Dark Tower books into movies for many years and its finally here. Went and saw the film myself and loved it! It turned out that this film is not based on any of the books at all and ended up being a continuation of the books, but still a very good movie. Idris Elba and Matt McConaughey worked very well together. I’m a huge fan of the Dark Tower books.

7. War For the Planet of the Apes – Probably the best film of the new POTA series and the most powerful film of them all, in my opinion. Story can be very sad in this film, but it was a perfect film all around. I love all the POTA films. Huge fan of this franchise. I love the classic POTA films, loved the Tim Burton remake and I love the new trilogy. Woody Harrelson played a really good bad guy in this film and Andy Serkis kills it with his voice acting like always.

6. The Mummy – I was interested in the new Mummy film with Tom Cruise ever since I saw the trailer. I never saw this film in theater but I bought the BluRay when it came out. Turned out to be a very good movie and I liked it a lot. Definitely way better than the Brendan Fraser “Mummy” trilogy which I never liked or cared for. The reboot with Tom Cruise is way better. Writing was good and the film is just entertaining as hell, all the way through. Great film, check it out.

5. Get Out – I was very surprised of this movie when I first saw it. I thought this film was phenomenal. It’s a great psychological horror film and that’s what it is, in my opinion. It’s about this black man who has an interracial-relationship with a white woman and he goes with her to meet her family. Turns out her family are not what he thought they were. I loved this movie and want my own copy on BluRay. My only negative of this film was all the Barack Obama worship in it… that shit didn’t need to be in there but other than that, a great film. It was creepy and kind of scary. I can definitely see Daniel Kaluuya winning an Oscar for that role ’cause that was some good acting.

4. Stephen King’s IT – This one had to be pretty high on the list. Probably the best Stephen King adapted horror film I’ve ever seen. Such a perfect and beautiful film throughout. Writing was good and acting was good. Plus, the BluRay comes out this coming Tuesday and you can betcha I’m gonna go pick it up.

3. Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi – I don’t give a shit what the haters think. I thought this film was amazing. Probably the best of the new trilogy so far. I’m thinking of seeing it again next week.

2. Logan – Also one of the best Marvel superhero movies I’ve ever seen. I also need to add this one to my BluRay collection soon. Hugh Jackman’s best performance too. An R rated superhero film with lots of blood and gore, swearing, etc. Love it. This film was different and just a great film all around. This film had to be pretty high on the list.

  1. Dunkirk – I finally gotten around to seeing Christopher Nolan’s latest directed movie, “Dunkirk” and I was blown away by this film. I’m a huge fan of war films and this film is one of the best new war films I’ve seen in a long time. This film got mixed reviews and I can’t understand why. It’s powerful. It can also get pretty scary and sad in some parts. Fionn Whitehead the film’s leading star is a great actor and I think he may get some awards as well. Christopher Nolan always makes great films as I’ve seen every film he has done and this is his best one yet!




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