What I hope to achieve musically in 2018…

Is there a such thing as New Year’s Resolutions for musicians? Hell yeah! Why not! What I hope to achieve as a musician in 2018 is that I’m going to keep trying to improve my musicianship to the next level. I’m always going to try to improve my guitar playing and singing which I’m working extremely hard at both. I’m not an actual musician but I’m doing all I can to become an actual musician. As a matter of fact, I’ll never see myself as an actual musician, I just do what I do. Just play music and enjoy it!

With all that being said, I’m gonna do all I can to switch from being an acoustic guitarist to electric guitarist full time. Like I’ve said before, I’ve spent most of my life playing acoustic music and I think I finally want to become a hard rock & metal musician. I think hard rock & metal is what I was meant to really play. It always has been my main genre. I’ve always loved heavy music and I’m a huge fan of shred guitar too. I don’t think I’m a virtuoso guitarist yet but I would definitely like to get there and that’s my goal. I want to have a good ear, I want to have good rhythm chops and good lead guitar skills too.

I want to start writing heavy rock songs pretty soon so I’m just trying to collect all the pedals to get the right sounds.

I’ll never give up acoustic music. I’ll always play that too, but I want to keep my focus on electric rock mostly. On my next demo or album, I would like a mix of acoustic and metal like I talked about before.

I’ll never give up what I do… play guitar and singing ’cause that’s what I am. It’s a huge part of me. I also hope to write more songs this year as I’m going to start messing with guitar riffs on an electric guitar this time to see what I can come up with. I believe I can write some pretty cool guitar riffs and play solos that rock & metal fans would like. People might be surprised at what I could do.

I’m not that great on the electric guitar yet but I’m gonna do all I can to get real good on that too. I want to shred… I want to write heavy riffs… I want to get good on the whammy bar and all that stuff. I don’t think I’ll ever play electric guitar like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson and all those guys, but I’m proud of how my playing is at now. I came a long way and I’ve been playing guitar for 20 years now.

I don’t really care to have technical ability though, I just want to write great songs and that’s all I wanna do. Make music how I want to make it and not caring if anyone else likes it or not. I don’t take myself serious like many guitarists do out there. I just do what I do. Just play guitar and rock out. It’s that simple.


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