Happy New Year!


Well, Happy New Year, y’all!

It’s been a great year for America, has it? US economy booming under Trump, Obama legacy slowly being erased, Trump getting rid of the many regulations in America, SCOTUS judge approved, ISIS getting destroyed and most importantly of all… we FINALLY got TAX REFORM! While we still have a lot of work to do, this is a good start so far. We won a lot throughout 2017 and I predict there will be much more winning in 2018. While Trump is doing an impressive job so far, we still need the Wall, getting rid of Obamacare and to hopefully lock up Hillary/Obama. We get those done, we’ll be good!

Anyway, enough of that… as for my own life… 2017 was pretty good for me but hopefully I’ll make 2018 better for me. I’m definitely gonna try to get a job this year and gonna start the job hunting again.  I also plan to get back into songwriting again this year ’cause I really am itching for new songs. I’m also thinking about a live gigging comeback ’cause I really miss performing on the stage. I’m also going to continue to ignore negativity and focus on positivity. I’m also going to get back into fitness and yoga full time after a Holiday break from it all. There are many resolutions that I have but those are just a few of them.

I’m gonna plan on posting on this blog a lot more ’cause I know I’ve been slowing down on it. I just didn’t care to post on here much anymore but I’m going to try to post on it a lot more this year. I’ve found myself being busy with life nowadays… like playing more guitar and playing more music.

I spent most of the day video gaming today. I’ve been playing the “Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition” on the PS4 all weekend. Play it most of the day. I’ve gotten back into video gaming again ’cause I want to try to catch up with some of the other games that I got.


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