I wouldn’t be surprised that Obama maybe behind the making of “The Interview”…

There was a lot of rumors and speculation that Obama may have been behind the production of the “Innocence of Muslims” video, the one that was blamed on the Benghazi attack so N.K. might be on to something here.

I’m not siding with N.K. but don’t be surprised if it turns out that Obama was the one who contacted Sony to get “The Interview” made. Obama and Kim Jong-un have been feuding for a long while now… long before this was going on. We all know we haven’t been getting along with N.K. for years. Did Obama get Seth Rogen and James Flacco together to make this film? Who knows!!!

I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama is behind the making of this film ’cause it was an opportunity to make Kim Jong-un look bad. It’s also an opportunity for Obama to look like a hero to combat “censorship” before his presidency goes out in 2016.



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