North Korea denies involvement in Sony hack and I believe them!!!

Like I said before, the last thing you wanna do is believe everything that comes out of our US government and Obama’s mouth about North Korea being involved. I knew they couldn’t be involved and I believe North Korea couldn’t have done something like this. This doesn’t seem like Kim Jong-Un’s style.

Remember, anything coming out of the White House or Obama himself is probably a lie.

Truthfully, you would never find out who the hackers are like I said and when the US government are pointing fingers without any real proof, then there’s gotta be something fishy going on here. Remember, the hackings is something that the NSA is capable of doing and the Obama administration are capable of this too since they hacked the computers of news journalists and spying on Americans.

When the Obama administration appears to be protective for Americans over the Sony hackings, you gotta watch out for that and they aren’t to be trusted. Chances are they are lying about “something”. Doing their usual “stonewalling” over something that they are trying to cover-up. Isn’t it kind of strange that this administration are protective over Americans in the Sony hackings yet they continue to target Conservatives through the IRS and spy on Americans through the NSA??? What is wrong with this picture here?

This is why I believe that the hackings and the Guardians of Peace threats was a US government inside-job.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this administration is behind all of this. It’s unbelievable how America was quick into believing that North Korea is behind all of this just because the US government said so.


One thought on “North Korea denies involvement in Sony hack and I believe them!!!”

  1. I don’t have to explain myself to bone/mattee and Pauper. I think both of you are assholes and you’ve always have been. Go away.


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