We finally have a president who’s aggressive at our enemies… this is what we elected him for!

For many years, we’ve dealt with weak presidents who were horrible at responding to enemies when they threaten us or other countries. When was the last time you heard a president who was aggressive at our enemies? We had presidents who either sat back and did nothing or saying weak  things like,  “Cut it out”.

Fat Boy Kim wants to be a tough guy and threaten a tiny little island, well it’s time for Trump  to be a tough guy back. Some  of you may ask why would Trump want to save Guam? Well, Guam is a huge ally for the United States… kind of like Israel is a huge ally for us.  Guam is a US territory which means we’re a part of them, we’re in control of that little island.


I’m tired of our country having weak leaders. We finally have a president who acts “tough”. Fat Boy Kim needs to realize that Obama isn’t running the US now. Just another idiot who thinks the US have a weak leader. To other countries that hate us like North Korea, Iran, etc. — listen up, there’s a new Sheriff in town so take note, y’all.

I  love Trump’s “fire and fury” comments; it scared the hell out of people and when people get scared, you know he’s doing something right. We’ve had weak leaders for decades and yes George W. Bush was pretty weak at responding to 9/11… oh yes he was, I won’t deny it.

I would say it’s finally time to take out Fatboy Kim. That man is very dangerous and evil. I hope Trump drop bombs on him, fuck him for all I care.



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