RIP Glen Campbell 1936 – 2017…


I didn’t listen to him much over the years of my life but I do have only one album by him. The only album I own of his was “Ghost on the Canvas”, his 2011 studio album which was a beautiful record and still love that album. Even though I didn’t listen to him much, I still respect him and his legacy. I’m familiar with his classic songs.

The man had the full package: he had the good looks, he was a great singer and most of all… he was a killer guitar player! On the guitar, the man did more than just play chords and write songs on it… the man can fuckin’ play! I mean, this guy can shred! Youtube some of his guitar playing videos and you’ll see. He was a monster guitar player on both acoustic and electric. A lot of guitarists and famous musicians respected him.

I also remember he had an acting role in the John Wayne movie, “True Grit”. He was more than just a musician, he was a film actor too. He also hosted his own TV show I believe so the man was multi-talented for sure.

He was a phenomenal talent, though. He was one of the true country artists… when you listen to his music, you’ll think to yourself: “What happened to country music”?

RIP Glen and thanks.




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