Why I stopped reading “Guitar World” magazine…

I used to be pretty loyal to Guitar World magazine… for many years. I have finally given up on Guitar World magazine ’cause why? Different editor-in-chief. I’m not a big fan of the new editor-in-chief of the way he’s been doing the magazine. Brad Tolinski has been an editor-in-chief of Guitar World magazine for a few decades but he finally had it… retired and moved on. There’s now a guy who replaced him who I’m not a big fan of at all.

The new guy doesn’t do a very good job running the magazine. The articles and interviews has gotten shorter, there are only 3 tabs of songs a month now and on top of all this… the magazine hasn’t been picking good artists to be on the cover nowadays. I liked the magazine a lot better when Tolinski was in charge.

Such a shame, though ’cause I used to be a loyal reader to Guitar World. Have been for many years. I’ve read them when I was just first starting out playing guitar 20 years ago. I subscribed to them a couple of times over the years and when I couldn’t afford them anymore, I just bought their magazine at the store every month but now I’m done. Sad ’cause I loved reading the interviews and they used to have great lessons in the mag. When was the last time they had issues when they taught you how to become a great guitar player? I’m not talking about the lesson columns which there are less of that too.

GW magazine sucks. I haven’t bought a new magazine by them in a long while. The magazine used to focus on metal and hard rock but they shifted away from that too. I’m not alone ’cause GW has been pissing off other long-time readers too.

I don’t know but the magazine industry sucks nowadays. Not just guitar magazines, pretty much all magazines you see on the news stands are crap nowadays. They all want to shove liberal politics in your face too and even GW does that, they’re also a pretty liberal magazine.  I don’t want to read Guitar World just to see Roger Waters or Tom Morello bash Trump in interviews. I don’t read magazines much anymore like I used to ’cause they’re no good. I used to be a fan of Rollingstone magazine but they’ve turned into liberal fake news, it’s sad. Aren’t they supposed to be a rock magazine like they used to? What happened to Rollingstone? Wow.




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