What’s the point of that Sarahah app/site? You know that site going around social networking…

There’s an app going around that’s been getting my attention. An app called “Sarahah”, you’ve probably seen it too. It’s a messaging app where you get to write about people anonymously. Your name will not get revealed at all so that means that you can write to the person however you want to… no holds barred, anything goes. Yeah, that means you can either write good things or bad things about the person who made the “Sarahah” account. The app has gone viral and made the headlines. From what I’ve read about the site, the site was created by a Muslim from Saudi Arabia hence the name of the app “Sarahah” which means “honesty” in Arabic. The person that made an account, you can write your critique to that person of what you really think of him/her.

The guy who made the site said the purpose of it was that you can talk trash about your co-workers without getting fired and to help improve your friends behaviors. Something like that.

Anyways, when women make an account especially the good looking women, I’m sure they get all kinds of sexual and dirty stuff from guys. They want it ’cause they love that kind of attention from men, ya know? The site is getting popular with women mostly ’cause you know how women are obsessed with “validation”.

When guys make an account for people to write, I’m sure it’s a little different for us guys, though. I’m sure guys get hit on and maybe even get talked dirty by women through that app but I’m sure guys get mostly hate comments from people, lol. Well, I’m sure women also get a lot of hate comments from other women too ’cause you know how women have all kinds of drama toward each other and shit.

The site is kind of interesting, though. Writing about what you really think of the person which is what the site is for. I’m sure a lot of people don’t even want to use it ’cause they’re scared of it… to the people who do use it, kudos to them. It means they are courageous enough and strong enough to read about what people really think of them.

Does the site promote cyberbullying like the media claims? Hell no. The reason is, if you make a Sarahah account for people to write on, you gotta be brave enough to be able to deal with the negativity on it. If you can’t take it then you shouldn’t have made an account. See what I’m saying? You gotta be able to take it.

I think the site is kind of a nice idea ’cause if you misbehave and people don’t like you… people write all about it on your sarahah page, you could improve yourself for the better. I think that’s the goal with the site, really.

Would I make my own Sarahah account? I thought about it and still thinking about it. I’m probably gonna get people mostly bashing me anyways but ya never know, maybe people would write me lovely and positive things? Who knows? Who knows what women really think of me? Whether they think I’m hot & sexy or ugly so be it. Either way is cool with me.

I think it’s kind of fun to write to people however you want to on there. I hope some of my past bosses and co-workers who I didn’t like make a Sarahah account…. when they do, I’ll go on there and bash the person. It’s gonna be interesting to see how long this site will last. Could the site last for a long time? We’ll wait and see.


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