More on Sarahah… I honestly have mixed feelings with that site/app so I don’t know…

I kind of experimented with Sarahah a little bit. Just sending random women some messages and just playing around a bit just to see what the site is like… just an experiment and that’s all. Turns out that I have mixed feelings with it… some good and some bad.

The good… well, you can talk to people however you want to, just speak your mind. You’re afraid to tell people how you really feel about them… whether you love them, have a huge crush on them and hate them, whatever… it’s a good place to express your real feelings toward that person when you’re afraid to say this stuff to their face or not hide behind anonymous names.

The bad… well, it could lead to cyberbullying, absolutely. Somebody could find out who you really are just by your writing style alone and then they could expose you publicly. This site could also lead to destroying friendships, family relationships and all that stuff. If you aren’t careful using Sarahah, it could destroy your reputation as a person. Having a  Sarahah account could lead to your haters leaving death threats and all that stuff. They’ll also be saying things like “Go Kill Yourself” and all that crap.

Sadly, it’s looking like this site/app is going to be around for a long time. Sarahah could end up becoming the next big thing, I don’t think it’ll get bigger than FB/twitter but ya never know. This app is getting bigger. I don’t see this site going away ever.

Once again, would I create my own Sarahah account for you all to write on? Still not sure yet ’cause I know it’s gonna be a playground for all the trolls and haters that I have out there, lol but I guess I gotta put up with the negativity if I’m gonna do it. Maybe people’s negative thoughts about me would help motivate me, ya know? It could help me stay above the haters. Not sure if I’m gonna do it or not yet.

Yeah, people are gonna write all kinds of crazy things on your Sarahah account ’cause why? It’s because this world is crazy that’s why! You just gotta learn to embrace it.

I’m noticing that women are more obsessed with Sarahah than men are — like I said in the previous post… women are obsessed with attention and validation nowadays. Crazy. Not that there is anything wrong with that, though ’cause there isn’t.

It is interesting how the site blew up out of nowhere. I’ll admit that it is kind of addicting sending people anonymous messages on it. I have mixed feelings on it so maybe the site will grow on me more.



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