Thoughts about the historic President Trump and Kim Jong Un meeting agreement… it’s just amazing, really…

This is a pretty historic week for President Trump and the United States of America. As you probably heard by now the South Korean security adviser announced that Kim Jong Un says he will refrain from any further nuclear and missile tests. Not only that, South Korea announced the big news that President Trump has agreed to meet with Kim Jong Un the man himself sometime by May of 2018. It seems that Kim Jong Un is all game for meeting President Trump in person. Trump wants to speak with Kim in hopes of denuclearization.

After this announcement was made, it seems that other countries such as China, Russia and South Korea are all for this meeting to happen so that’s good news.

Ya know, it’s funny. After Trump’s nuclear button tweet, liberals freaked and said Trump is gonna get us all killed and start World War III. Well I’m sure libtards are upset ’cause neither of those are gonna happen. Donald and Kim are gonna get together for hopeful peace talks. Will President Trump be successful at getting peace with North Korea? Yes, I predict Trump would be successful ’cause why? Trump is one of the best negotiators out there. That’s a huge part of why we all elected Trump ’cause Trump is the master at negotiation with people. Read his book, “The Art of the Deal”. If you read that book… the book is all about negotiation and winning. Trump will do exactly that with Kim Jong-un. If Trump can do that, it would make Trump the best president in history and liberals in America will have to admit that as well. Liberals are already starting to admit it.

My question is will Trump have to travel to North Korea to meet Kim or will Kim have to travel to the United States to meet Trump at the White House? We’ll find out real soon, though. They gotta figure something out.  I predict Trump will end up travelling to North Korea. Trump will probably have to go to Pyongyang where the North Korea government is and where Kim spends most of his time at.

This is also an automatic re-election for Trump and there’s a Nobel Peace Prize possibility. I think one day liberals will have to get forced to admit that Trump is a great leader, give it time. Liberals are still hating, yes but at some point they will have to get forced to admit Trump is doing good things for America. It’s gonna piss them off yes but they’ll have no choice to admit it. They can’t thank Obama for this one and they know it too.

Trump is doing a fantastic job and I’m so impressed with the man. I never regretted my Trump vote at all and will proudly vote for him again in 2020.


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