Why more young people have been leaving social media…

The NYPost did this interesting little article that more young people leaving social media is on the rise. Ya know, young people giving up social media sites like facebook, twitter and instagram.


Why do people leave social media? Ya know, when people leave social media they always get accused of being “attention whores”. Just leaving for attention just so they can be liked when they return… that sort of thing, ya know? I disagree.

I think people leave social media ’cause maybe people don’t have time for it anymore? They want to find better things to do with their lives. Some find social media too addicting to them that it’s taking themselves away from the real world.

There are many reasons why people leave social media, however. Let me think of some… well for starters, people leave social media ’cause of too much negativity, drama, gossip and soap opera stuff. Maybe people got too fed up with all the negativity and drama and they quit for that reason?  FB is full of drama and negativity everyday on my newsfeed so I can’t blame them. Too much cyberbullying and harassment going around, blah blah blah, you get the deal.

Maybe people also leave ’cause of political posts and they just simply got bored with it.

I hear them, though and I can’t blame them at all. Social media is the devil — it really is. I almost came this close to leaving social media myself ’cause I couldn’t stand all the drama. Simply put, people leave social media to escape all the bullshit. I know a lot of people that don’t even use social media at all and they are happy without them.

I despise social media too and I’m only on them ’cause I have fans and supporters. If I leave, they’ll talk me into coming back. Happens every time.




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