Just got back into dead lifting at the gym again…

For the past two weeks at the gym, I’ve just started dead lifting on the barbell. Ya know, the dead lift workout that is very popular in the gym. A lot of guys like to do it. Each time I go to the Battenkill Ymca which is the gym I go to, there are always guys dead-lifting there. That’s why I’m only going to do back workouts at the gym in the afternoon ’cause that’s when the gym is not busy and not a lot of people there. Ya know, I love working out at the gym but I hate, I absolutely HATE working out at the gym in the evening ’cause that’s when the gym is real busy. The gym gets packed in the evening ’cause that’s when people go to the gym after work and stuff. All the equipment I need to use are always being used when it’s busy which sucks. This is why I mostly like to go to the gym during the day when it’s not as crowded there.

Anyway back to dead lifting, I’m enjoying the workout a lot and I think I’m gonna keep doing it each week. The dead lift exercise on the barbell is really simple, really safe and it feels good doing it too. The dead lift works most of the lower body area like lower back, the glutes and hamstrings mostly. Dead lift works most of the legs too.

I’m not a super heavy dead-lifter yet. The heaviest I can lift on the dead lift is like 70 lbs. I would love to lift super heavy someday but it’s a slow process so I’m taking my time and not rushing it. I’m realizing now that the dead lift is one of the best workouts ever. It’s really good for the back. I’ve experimented with dead lifting in the past when I first started out, but now I’m getting back into it.

The dead lift not only gives you more strengths and builds muscle mass on your lower body, it also burns body fat and it’s a good workout for the abs as well. Doing dead lifts will also help give you more strengths for other workouts too.

Here’s an interesting read on dead lifting:


Dead lifting is freakin’ awesome, though. I can see why a lot of people like to do it. Not only guys do it, women do it too.

I’m definitely gonna do dead lifting on a regular basis from now on. I’ve also gotten back into bench pressing for the chest and gonna get back into barbell squats for legs next time I do leg day.

I love bodybuilding and fitness. I stuck with it throughout the winter after a Christmas break from it and I’m planning to stick with it all year long. I really do want to get big and muscular and trying all I can to get there. I like what I have now, though.


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