Think I’m gonna revive my ReverbNation page this year…

Think I’m gonna revive my ReverbNation page this year. Get it back into action again. I’m planning to record a new batch of songs this year ’cause I have a bunch of ideas spinning in my head. I want to get back into songwriting again. I know I said I was gonna do a full band rock n’ roll demo but that’ll still come sometime in the future. I think I want to do another acoustic demo, but this time it will be homemade on my new home recording system.

There’s my ReverbNation page above and it has 14 songs on it so far. I gave some of them a re-listen and I’m still proud of all the music that I wrote in the past.

I’m planning to do a new acoustic demo and gonna try to come up with around 10 – 15 songs or more. I’ll come up with as many as possible. I’m gonna make my upcoming songs even better than the last batch, though. Better guitar playing, better singing… all of it.

I think my singing has improved a lot so when you listen to the above songs and my upcoming songs, you may noticed a difference, I hope.

I want to get back into this music thing. What kind of songs do I plan on coming up with? Anything I can really. Acoustic rock, ballads, etc. Whatever. I won’t write love songs even though I tried writing one before. I’ll just write whatever comes up in my head.

I’m always looking to improve my songwriting and try to be the best that I can be. Just want to make music that I’m proud of and hopefully other people will like it too.


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