Are movie theaters around the US doing the right thing cancelling “The Interview” due to Guardians of Peace threats???

Many theaters across the US are cancelling the Christmas Day opening of the controversial comedy film, “The Interview”… even the local movie theaters of Bowtie Cinemas in the Capital District are cancelling it too. Are movie theaters doing the right thing or are they cowards for letting the so-called, “terrorists” win?

I would have to say that movie theaters are doing the right thing. A threat like that should be taken very seriously. The Guardians Of Peace may or may not be “real” terrorists but ya never know. It’s a good idea to cancel the film’s opening release date just in case ’cause you never know that if you go to the theaters there could be bombs all over the theaters in America.

While it doesn’t look like a good movie anyways, it’s the best thing to do to take these threats very seriously. It’s a good idea ’cause I would do the same thing if I owned a movie theater.

You just never know if bombs were planted all over the theaters or someone could walk in with a suicide vest or a plane flies over and drops missiles on a theater. Any of that can happen.

I wouldn’t want to go to a movie theater that day when all of this is going on.

I will still see “The Interview” though, just not in theater. I’ll wait for rental on that one.


9 thoughts on “Are movie theaters around the US doing the right thing cancelling “The Interview” due to Guardians of Peace threats???”

  1. Fuck the terrorists. Can’t let them win. I usually don’t go to the movies, but I’ll go for this. And if the theater cancels it here, I’l sse what I can do to get a copy of the film and host a screening at a park or neighborhood center.

  2. Kim Jong-un just have to learn that this is just a fucking movie and I guess he can’t take a joke.

    Seriously though, you would never know that theaters across America could get attacked for playing the movie. What if you go and you end up dead?


  3. To me the film doesn’t look good anyway. I don’t like either James Franco or Seth Rogen. Both are overrated actors and not funny, in my opinion.

    This should have been a straight to DVD or TV kind of movie.

    On top of that this wasn’t the first film that was full of political controversy… where was the outrage when Charlie Chaplin played Hitler in the film, “The Great Dictator” and where was the outrage when films like “Team America” and “Tropic Thunder” were released? Also, “The Dictator” with Sacha Baron Cohen. I’m sure there are many others.


    1. Not weak at all. It’s the right thing to do. People do stuff like this all the time in America. It’s nothing new when people get threats. There have been many different businesses that has been shut down due to threats before. It happens.


    2. Another thing to think about, you can’t blame these movie theaters for cancelling the movie after the Aurora “Dark Knight” shooting, remember that? You might want to fucking think twice before calling theaters weak over threats.


      1. I don’t give a shit what anybody says, I’m sticking with my view on it. I’m sure there will be a few movie theaters who will show the film on opening Day on Christmas and it when it does, don’t be surprised if you’ll see an attack on the theater all over the news. It’s all about being cautious and for the safety.

        If you got death threats, you wouldn’t ignore it. Death threats of any kind should be taken seriously.


      2. And like I said, the U.S. government is still blaming North Korea. The last thing you wanna believe is anything coming from our government. It could even be the US government themselves doing all the hacking and making the threats. Anything that comes out of this administration, you can’t trust ’em. You never know who is behind the hacking and the terrorist threats. You can’t believe anything the government says. I think this is Obama’s opportunity to blame Kim Jong-un.


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